This Quebecer Is Making Paintings Entirely With His Mustache For Men's Health (VIDEO)

His goal is to get men to talk about their health issues.
This Quebecer Is Making Paintings Entirely With His Mustache For Men's Health (VIDEO)

One local man is taking his dedication to Movember to new (artistic) heights by making paintings with his mustache to raise money and awareness for men's health causes.

Quebec resident Henry Myers started the site to auction off his creations. All the proceeds go to the Movember Foundation. 

"A few men in my family have had health issues," Myers told MTL Blog.

"As I grew up, I realized that we never really talked about it too much."

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"One of the main points of the Movember cause is to encourage guys to talk about their problems among each other so that it becomes normal and we go get checked and get the help we need."

What started out as a request from a friend has become a bit of a passion project.

"I started out in 2012 asking family and friends for a few bucks here and there for the cause."

"At the end of the first month, I told my friends that the person who donated the most would get to tell me what to do with my mustache before I shaved it off."

The winning friend asked him to paint something. His first piece was a "crappy little Christmas tree."

But his work soon elevated.

Years later, the winner of a raffle at work challenged him to recreate Edvard Munch's The Scream.

"I thought that was going to be just terrible. But it ended up being the best thing I had ever made art-wise in my entire life."

Now, in November 2020, Myers' goal has been to make two to three paintings a week.

Each one can take him between three and four hours.

As for his artistic goals, he has three projects in mind: an abstract creation, Van Gogh's The Starry Night, and Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring.

He also plans to start taking requests on his website.

The paintings still available on the site are posted on eBay. Myers is giving buyers the option to pick them up in person to save on shipping.

"I have three little boys," he said.

"I want to take action now so that by the time they grow up we're in a better world where we actually talk more about our problems."