Tim Hortons Announced The 2 Donuts It's Reviving & They Kinda Look Like Glazed Turds

But their return isn't permanent.🍩🍒

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A Tim Hortons sign. Right: The Walnut Crunch donut and Cherry Stick donuts.

A Tim Hortons sign. Right: The Walnut Crunch donut and Cherry Stick donuts.

After teasing the revival of two "beloved" discontinued donuts, Tim Hortons has finally revealed their identities. The Walnut Crunch donut and Cherry Stick donut will make their return on National Donut Day, June 2, 2023.

"Both the Walnut Crunch and Cherry Stick were iconic donuts in their time and I'm happy to report they still pack the same punch in every bite," Tim Hortons Director of Culinary Innovation Tallis Voakes said in a press release.

The fast-food and coffee chain says "popular demand" drove it to put the donuts back on its menu. Indeed, when the company first launched the initiative, the Walnut Crunch seemed to be the favourite contender among Twitter users reacting to the announcement.

Their availability after National Donut Day will vary, however. Tims says that while franchises across Quebec will be selling the Cherry Stick, it will only be available at select participating franchises in the rest of Canada. Conversely, the Walnut Crunch will only be available in some participating restaurants in Quebec, but widely available in the rest of the country.

Moreover, Voakes warns the donut revivals will be short-lived. Though he didn't specify exactly how long they'll last.

"Guests are not going to want to miss the chance to enjoy these donuts while they are available for a limited time only," he declared.

Meanwhile, Tim Hortons has also launched its summer drink menu, including a new Oreo Double Stuf Iced Capp, Oreo Strawberry Creamy Chill and Caramel Toffee Cold Brew, and the returning Strawberry Frozen Lemonade, Peach Real Fruit Quencher, Strawberry Watermelon Real Fruit Quencher and Vanilla Iced Latte.

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