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What 9 Quebec Influencers Wore To Coachella 2022

Taking dress to impress to a whole other level!

Beatrice and Eugenie Bouchard posing at Coachella 2022, Right: Elisabeth Rioux looking at the sky in the desert at Coachella 2022.

Beatrice and Eugenie Bouchard posing at Coachella 2022, Right: Elisabeth Rioux looking at the sky in the desert at Coachella 2022.

When it comes to music festivals across North America, Coachella is easily one of the biggest annual events of the year.

With countless big names attached to Coachella, including Harry Styles, Big Sean, The Weeknd, and Billie Eilish, to name only a few, it seems as if more than a few familiar faces were attending.

A few Quebec influencers attended the notorious music fest and they certainly delivered when it came to their looks. TikTok dancer Énola Bédard made it down Coachella, as did online personality, Élisabeth Rioux — and they weren't the only ones repping Quebec down in Palm Springs.

Élisabeth Rioux

Élisabeth Rioux teased her one million Instagram followers with a sneak peek of her Coachella outfit only a week before she was expected to head down to California, but wanted to keep her look a total surprise.

Well, it was definitely worth the wait. The Quebec influencer sported a stunning neon green bodysuit with grey panties from her Hoaka brand and white cowboy boots from L'intervalle, and she certainly pulled it off brilliantly.

Béatrice & Eugenie Bouchard

Béatrice and Eugenie Bouchard both made it down to Coachella where the served Powerpuff Girls realness. The duo both went for a pink and green ensemble with matching accessories down to their bags and sunglasses — making it clear that they didn't miss a single detail.

Jessica Prudencio

Content producer Jessica Prudencio made her it her mission to see Megan Thee Stallion in person, and that she did, all while looking fly. On Jessica's first day, she sported a zebra top and pink skirt, followed by a summer-inspired look. However, nothing beats her crop top and crocs!

Claudia Tihan

Claudia Tihan certainly didn't disappoint in her Oh Polly outfit. The lifestyle influencer joined Élisabeth Rioux on the first weekend, the ladies even matching with their neon green ensembles.

Tihan definitely dressed to impress, as she did on her second day where she sported a shiny black sheer outfit that accentuated her curves.

Lucie Rhéaume

Content creator Lucie Rhéaume showed off an array of Coachella outfits that we couldn't get enough of. The influencer was a force to be reckoned with in her all-white outfit with crystals and a zebra cowboy hat, which she called the "glittery cowgirl."

While she stunted in all her looks, nothing beat her gold ensemble, or as Lucie called it "glitter fairy" that she wore on the second day of the festival.

Énola Bédard

Enola Bedard at Coachella 2011

@enola.bedard | Instagram

Énola Bédard also attended the esteemed music festival, and made sure to be decked out the whole time.

The dancer was giving off major Aphrodite vibes with her white look and gold jewellery — totally staying on trend. The next day, Bédard served yet another stellar blue and white look matched with the perfect accessories for a true boho-chic ensemble.

Cindy Cournoyer

The Girl Crush cocreator partnered with Pandora for her Coachella outfits, which were certainly noteworthy.

During her first day, Cindy wore a white look that definitely made her stand out from the crowd. Even her embellished iridescent outfit was the true show-stealer — not to mention when they were matched with gorgeous white boots!

Emy Jade 

Emy Jade partnered with Revolve where she put together not one, but three stunning looks. In addition to her gorgeous crochet bikini and pearl mesh mix that she wore on the final day, Emy sported a pink furry top, cowboy hat, and white trousers during the festival's second day — which was definitely a look to remember.

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