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12 Insane Spa Getaways In Quebec You Must Try As Soon As Possible

Time to reach Cloud 9!
12 Insane Spa Getaways In Quebec You Must Try As Soon As Possible

Since finals are well underway, you and your BFF are probably busting your asses to finish off the semester. That means late night studying, mental breakdowns, and plenty of coffee! But, why not take a break and plan a relaxing spa getaway for summer vacation to get rid of all that exam stress! You guys 514% deserve some well needed down time. It's time to relax, forget about school and work, and CHILL THE F OUT!

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Montreal offers some great opportunities for you and your BFF to treat yourselves to some cheap spas, but if you want to get out of the city then I suggest checking out some Quebec Spas! So, hit up your BFF and get down to some serious business and choose the spa of your dreams right near Montreal! 

1. Chill Out With Your BFF At Spa Du Verger

via @tan_anvar

Price: $35-$45 (thermal experience)

50, rue de la Ferme, Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec) G3Z 0G2

This has to be the spa that we've all been waiting for because it's that damn amazing! Spa Du Verger is part of the Germain Charlevoix Hotels that offer an excellent time to kick back and relax. Not only is this spa HELLA nice, but it is also very affordable! So, if you are in desperate need of a 3 hour getaway from Downtown Montreal, then this relaxing AF spa is the place for you and your BFF!


2. Chill Out With Your BFF At Siberia Station Spa

via @paillettes.etc

Price: $42

339 Boulevard du Lac

Siberia Station Spa is also only 3 hours away from Montreal and it is absolutely stunning! Their baths alternate between hot and cold like the Scandinavian Spas so that you and your BFF can relax and feel stress-free! They even have a natural river, hammocks in the trees and relaxation yurts!


3. Chill Out With Your BFF At Sky Spa

via @bigmoeinc

Price: $34 - $44

6000 Boulevard Rome #400

With two locations, one in DIX30 and the other in QC, this rooftop spa is 514% the place you and your BFF want to be! It legit feels like you are on cloud nine as you watch the sun set over the city. Their thermal experience features Finnish saunas steam baths, California baths, Nordic waterfalls, and plenty more! They even have a restaurant so you can eat under the stars.


4. Chill Out With Your BFF At Spa Eastman

via @maudelavoie

Price: $69

895 Chemin des Diligences

If you love nature and want to get away from the city with your just as eager BFF, then you have to check out Spa Eastman! Not only does it feature a view of the towering Mount Orford, but they offer outdoor hot tubs, indoor and outdoor pools, dry saunas, steam baths and essential oil showers! This is an A1 level spa for a impeccable getaway!


5. Chill Out With Your BFF At Ofuro Spa

via @spaofuro

Price: $30 - $40

777 Chemin de St Adolphe

Ofuro Spa is truly one of a kind! As opposed to the others on this list, Ofuro Spa is a Japenese spa focusing on the indulgences of water promoting relief and well-being. They have hot pools, transitions to cold pools, saunas, and steam rooms so that you and your BFF can feel like you are literally in Japan! PLUS, you can enjoy a Zen yoga class for only $15!


6. Chill Out With Your BFF At Spa Finlandais

via @christeeenerz

124 Boul Labelle, Rosemère, Laval

Price: $39 each from 10 am – 6 pm

For a perfect spa day out of Montreal, I strongly recommend checking out Spa Le Finlandais. Their water circuit is absolutely amazing! They have 6 different saunas including a Russian sauna and Hammam, they also have 4 baths including arctic and thermal, and even a bubble experience! This is a great way to relax and feel fancy AF.


7. Chill Out With Your BFF At Bota Bota

via @emiliewake

Price: $45

Entrée McGill Coin De la Commune et McGill, Promenade du Vieux-Port

Ah yes, the perfect way to relax with your BFF is by treating yourselves to a spa day. Personally, I recommend Bota Bota since it is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit. Not only do you relax, but you also get to see Montreal from a whole other angle with the stunning views you receive on the boat's deck and in the main pool that looks over the whole city!


8. Chill Out With Your BFF At Nordik Spa Nature

via @rebeccahowell23

Price: $51- $61

16 Chemin Nordik

Located in the middle of a majestic forest, Nordik Spa Nature is stunning! They have 7 different thermal baths at all different temperatures to assure you and your BFF ultimate relaxation! They also feature 8 different saunas with different benefits for your health and well-being. Of course we can't forge their 'heated rock beds' called Tellura, which you lay down on and become a new person!


9. Chill Out With Your BFF At Auberge & Spa Beau Reves

via @nadinemlussier


2310 Boulevard de Sainte-Adèle

If you love skiing in the Laurentians, then you will 100% love Auberge & Spa Beau Reves! You legit become one with nature as you enter their eucalyptus steam room, cold pool and waterfall, heated relaxation area, hammocks, zero gravity chairs and hot baths! You can also access the river as well from May to November.


10. Chill Out With Your BFF At Scandinave Les Bains

via @dfmotion

71 Rue de la Commune O

Price: $35

But if you and your BFF don't drive or have a way to get around Quebec, then check out Scandinave Les Bains! I've actually been a few times and I can honestly say it's very relaxing. It may only be an indoor spa, but it's great during any season! First enjoy the hot sauna, steam bath, or hot tub, then rinse off in the rinsing station, and finally let your lungs rejuvenate in their relaxation area.


11. Chill Out With Your BFF At Balnea Spa

via @irisdumi

Price:$60 or $40 after 5pm

319 chemin du Lac Gale

For the ultimate private spa experience, be sure to check out Balnea Spa! Enjoy panoramic views of the lake and surrounding nature in their 360 saunas, hot tubs, cold pool and Turkish baths. You and your BFF can relax in their sweat lodge by ridding your body of all its excess toxins, or take a hike around the lush forests that hold secret magical relaxation spots.


12. Chill Out With Your BFF At Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

via @stefaniagarcia.r


537 Montée Ryan

If you love Mont-Tremblant and have been multiple times, then you might know that they have a superb Scandinavian Spa! This truly is the ultimate get away to experience with your BFF! You can check out some hikes in the mountains AND have a relaxing time afterwards! I honestly recommend spending the weekend here since there are so many activities that you can participate in, especially during the summer! You can enjoy their eucalyptus steam room, saunas, outdoor hot tubs, Nordic baths, access to the Rivière du Diable, hammocks and plenty more!


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