The 14 Lowest Rated Professors At Concordia University You Should Drop Before School Even Starts

If you get any of these you better drop the class ASAP.
The 14 Lowest Rated Professors At Concordia University You Should Drop Before School Even Starts

We all know how tough University can be on us students. All we're trying to do is pass our classes with as high a grade as we can manage and finish our degree with some amount of sanity left. Our profs are supposed to be there to help us make that happen right?

Well, sometimes it seems like they're out to get us. They make impossible exams, their classes are so boring they put you to sleep, or they mark assignments so hard there was no hope in the world you could pass.

If you're a new Concordia student or a returning Concordia student you're bound to have some horrible profs that do one or all of those things. I'm making this list to help all of my fellow Concordians out, if you end up with one of these profs you should try your best to switch out of their class because the reviews are pretty bad!

Check out Rate My Professor to see all the reviews.

1. Bipin C Desai

I think this review says it all.. Just don't. If you get this Computer Science prof I suggest you drop this class right now. His overall quality on Rate My Professor is a low 1.2 and everyone agrees he's a tough grader. If you're stuck with this prof this year, then good luck my friends!

2. Lakshmi Vedula

I actually had this prof in my first semester at Concordia and I can agree that she's the worst. She teaches intro to Chemistry so all of you first year Biology, Chemistry and Physics students have to take this course, it's unavoidable. But trust me and her reviews on Rate My Professor, avoid at all costs!

3. Ann M. English

Another Chemistry professor, what's up with all the horrible chem profs Concordia?? This review says it all, just no. She has a super low overall score of 1.8 on Rate My Professor and the reviewers agree, all she does is read off of her slides the entire class. Sounds pretty boring to me.

4. Chellaiyah Rajalingham

Cleary another awful Concordia prof, in a nutshell AVOID. He teaches Mechanical Engineering, as if engineers didn't have it tough enough already! According to his reviews, he's also guilty of just reading off of his slides in class. Why can't Concordia profs make actually interesting lesson plans for once?

5. Rafaat Saade

A rare sighting, a bad JMSB prof! For all you Business Technology Management students out there, this one's for you. If you run into this prof this year, you should drop this class quick. The reviews all say that he is horrible at helping students and generally has no idea what's going on. Doesn't sound worth it to me.

6. Shahla Hodai-Hemami 

Definitely the worst rated JMSB prof there is, with a super low overall rating of 1.7. This reviewer says it all, 'the best teacher ever if your goal is to fail.' If you're looking for a passing grade in your COMM215 class this year, avoid this prof!

7. S.K. Misra

Another prof I've had the pleasure of taking a class with at Concordia. This prof ranks a super low score 1.7 on Rate My Professor and most of the reviews are all agree that he is not a good prof. If you're in a science major you're going to have to take this introductory physics class and try your hardest to avoid this prof.

8. Clarence Bayne

Wow, another low rating prof for COMM215. Looks like JMSB isn't offering any breaks for business students taking this class. With 2 of the profs teaching this class rating super low, I don't know what to tell you guys that have to take this intro business course. I guess all I can say is good luck!

9. Eric Dube

The first Psychology prof to make this list, this professor has a low rating of 1.8 on Rate My Professor. According to the reviews he's a very unclear professor and really doesn't help his students out at all. If can avoid taking one of your psych classes with him, you definitely should.

10. Chunyan Wang 

Here's another bad engineering prof, this time a mechanical engineering. Apparently she's full of anger and aggression, which you really don't want in a prof. If you end up with this prof, you should transfer out ASAP.

11. Richard Soare

Okay, this person may be being a little dramatic here but this prof is definitely not recommended by fellow Concordians. He is a geography prof with a super low rating of 1.9. According to other reviews he is a very difficult marker and the classes are nap-worthy.

12. Cybil Lewis

An applied human sciences prof, this is one you should definitely avoid. Apparently she's also an advisor in this program and not a good one at that. A lot of the reviewers on this prof seem to think she should be fired... but I'm just repeating what I read here.

13. Gene Gibbons

This prof teaches an intro Theatre class, and apparently doesn't do a very good job at it. He has a low score of 1.9 on Rate My Professor and the comments are less than thrilling. Everyone agrees that they are given little to no instruction, and he really isn't helpful towards his students.

14. Jacques Garons

This Economics prof is getting a pretty bad rep. He teaches a staple business class, COMM220, and is getting some very bad reviews. If you can avoid this prof you should at all costs.

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