15 Road Trips Near Montreal You Need To Take To See The Fall Foliage

It's almost leaf-peeping season!
15 Road Trips Near Montreal You Need To Take To See The Fall Foliage

Fall is honestly my most favourite season and I think a lot of people agree with me on that one. There's just so much to love about fall! The air is crisp, you can wear sweaters everyday, the air literally smells like cinnamon all the time, and of course the colours are unbeatable! 

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If you read my article from yesterday, you know that this year Quebec's fall foliage is going to be even more beautiful than ever! That means it's the perfect time for leaf-peeping! 

There's tons of spots super close to Montreal that offer some the best views of the fall colours that you've probably ever seen! 

1 Hour Away From Montreal 🍂  

2 Hours Away From Montreal 🍂

3 Hours Away From Montreal 🍂

4 Hours Away From Montreal 🍂  

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Fall Foliage 1 Hour Away: 

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Etang Baker // 1 hour 25 mins

This unreal heart-shaped lake is actually super close to Montreal! It offers stunning views in the fall since it's surrounded by beautiful red, yellow and orange coloured trees.

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Mont Orford // 1 hour 25 mins 

Montreal's Eastern Townships are known to be one of the best spots for viewing the fall colours. Mont Orford is one of the best places here because it offers and amazing contrast between the bright blue water and the gorgeous foliage!

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Eastman, Quebec // 1 hour 13 mins

Eastman is home to some amazing lakes and spas that are perfect for fall foliage views! This destination is totally worth it if you're looking for the full leaf-peeping experience. Stop by Eastman Spa to relax while you're there.

Mont Sutton // 1 hour 26 mins

This amazing ski hill during the winter offers one of the best views from above of the fall foliage! They even through a Fall Festival starting September 16th to October 16th every year.

Mont Owl's Head // 1 hour 36 mins 

Owl's Head is home to rolling hills, stunning golf courses and tons of hiking trails that will reveal amazing views of the fall foliage! Definitely one of the best places to go leaf-peeping this fall.

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Fall Foliage 2 Hours Away: 

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Gatineau Park // 2 hours 49 mins

This gorgeous park is just outside of Ottawa and offers tons of different perspectives of the fall colours. Hike to the peak of the hiking trails for views above, take a canoe ride on the lake for views from the water, and hike through the forest trails for views from below!

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Parc Regional Des Sept Chutes // 1 hour 52 mins 

This amazing park offers tons of different hiking trails for all levels of hikers. You can hike to the peak to find amazing viewpoints of the bright coloured trees below!

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Green Mountains Nature Trail // 1 hour 59 mins 

This amazing trail in Vermont is home to some of the best views of the colourful foliage every year! In fact, New England is known for it's gorgeous fall colourful.

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Wapizagonke Lake // 2 hours 43 mins 

This stunning lake should definitely be the place you choose if you're thinking of fall camping. They offer some great campsites located right beside the lake so you can wake up to views of the still water, surrounded by bright fall foliage.

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Fall Foliage 3 Hours Away: 

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Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area // 3 hours 17 mins 

This awesome wildlife are has a super long boardwalk so you can walk straight through the park and get the perfect views of all the colours! It's also one of the best places to see rare Quebec wildlife!

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Mont Saint Anne // 3 hour 28 mins 

This mountain is the perfect place to view gorgeous bright red leaves this fall! The hike is super short and you'll be fully rewarded at the end with breathtaking colours.

Mont Megantic // 2 hours 43 mins 

The trees at this gorgeous park are mostly bright yellow and orange and will look like the entire forest is on fire, in the most beautiful way!

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Fall Foliage 4 Hours Away: 

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Glimmerglass State Park // 4 hours 27 mins 

Aside from it's adorable name, this park has so much to offer visitors! It's located just across the border in New York State and it's full of gorgeous colours as you wonder through the forest paths.

North Conway // 3 hours 51 mins 

This gorgeous town in New Hampshire is probably the perfect place to explore in the fall. Walk through covered bridges, through forests with flowing waterfalls and past old town buildings!

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Mont Du Lac Des Cygnes // 4 hours 10 mins 

This gorgeous mountain will probably offer you the best views on this entire list! If you're up for a bit of a hike, you'll definitely be rewarded by stunning views at the top overlooking a vast forest of bright coloured leaves.

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