2 Quebec Spots Made It Into A 'Top 5 Ski Resorts In Canada' Ranking For 2021

As we slowly prepare for the upcoming ski season, most of us are likely trying to plan out which slopes to hit this winter, which is why we figured knowing Condé Nast Traveler's "Top 5 Ski Resorts in Canada: Readers' Choice Awards 2021" could help provide some inspiration.

When we think of the best mountains in Canada, we typically imagine places in Alberta — or at least that side of the country.

But, turns out two Quebec ski resorts made the Top 5 list for fan favourites.

Mont-Tremblant took the #4 spot, which is always Quebec's claim to fame during the ski season.

The lesser-known mountain that made it into the ranking is Le Massif de Charlevoix which, if you haven't had the chance to visit yet, is definitely worth a trip to once the snow hits.