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25 Montreal Restaurants That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

Hunger, meet nostalgia.
25 Montreal Restaurants That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

There's no denying that the restaurant business is tough, especially in Montreal. We all know it - and yet every time our favourite restaurants close, we still get our hearts broken. Whenever that closure sign goes up, a piece of our soul goes with it. Don't say I'm being overly dramatic, friend. There's no such thing when it comes to food. Although there are many amazing restaurants that have sadly left us, a couple stick out in particular. Get your reminiscing hats on, and read on for 25 Montreal Restaurants That Are Gone But Not Forgotten.

1. Moonshine BBQ

Oh, Moonshine. Succulent ribs, juicy chicken, meaty hamburgers, all wrapped up in a friendly and casual atmosphere. And their drinks? Don't get me started. I might never stop crying. Seriously, don't think too hard about how much you miss this one, friends. You might actually turn into the cry face emoji IRL.

2. Brontë

Brontë was fine dining at its best. Not only was their food consistently on point, but it was also attached to a hotel. Which means you could have gone beast on the best meal of your life, and slept it off in a nearby hotel room. Brontë, you are missed.

Photo cred - Le Piment Rouge

3. Le Piment Rouge

Who else remembers those Piment Rouge commercials from our childhood? If you do, then this closure might just sting a bit more. Le Piment Rouge was that high-class place you went to when you were down to splurge on downright delicious Szechuan. Maybe you'd go there to impress a date, or your parents, or your boss. No more, my friends. No more.

4. Kaizen

A staple of the Westmount culinary scene for ages, Kaizen served up on point sushi with a fun atmosphere, friendly service, and a pretty great location. If you're from Westmount, chances are you've been to Kaizen at least once. If you're not, you probably ended up in Westmount just to nosh on their delicious sushi rolls and other fish dishes. Shedding tears yet? Because I sure am.

5. Euro Deli

Was the lasagna at Euro Deli the best thing in the whole world? It probably was. And now it's gone. Located right on the Plateau, Euro Deli was probably your best bet for getting delicious Italian comfort food at the time. It was kind of like your best friend growing up. Always there for you, always offering something great, and then one day, for one reason or another - gone. So many emotions.

6. Cheeburger Cheeburger

Who wakes up in a cold sweat craving one of these milkshakes? Just me. Okay, cool, just me. You can't deny that Cheeburger had an awesome concept and delicious food to back it up, as well as a kitschy-cute decor and an awesome location. We'll all miss those customizable hamburgers and pink neons. Probably forever.

7. Brama

Brama boasted some awesome dishes, as delicious as they were unique. Bonus points for its awesome location - right on the corner of St. Laurent and St. Zotique. In many ways, it was the quintessential trendy restaurant in Little Italy, perfect for ending your night on a high note or celebrating an intimate birthday party. Brama, you're sorely missed.

Photo cred - Resto Griyo

8. Griyo

Griyo hasn't been closed for too long, but trust me when I say it's sorely missed. It had it all, my friends. Fair prices, delicious creole food, a friendly and fun atmosphere... in a word, it was amazing. Remember it well, guys. Remember it well.

9. Le Biftheque

Le Biftheque's location on Cote-de-Liesse appears to be closed for good, which is really sad for those of us who recognize those plastic cows as a hallmark of our childhood. Seriously. Nothing probably brought you more joy than pulling up to the barn-like building and going beast on a juicy steak of your choice. Luckily, there are other locations in Quebec, so you can still get your steak fix. But those cows though.

10. Jardin Tiki

Jardin Tiki was awesome because it was more of a kitsch factor thing than anything else. The food was pretty solid, but you probably didn't go there for that. You went there for the fun vibe and awesome Polynesian decor. S/O to their Saturday Latino music nights and their cute little turtle pond, all of which we will never experience again.

11. Sushi D'Asia

If you never went to Sushi D'Asia, then I've got some bad news. You missed out, friend. Sushi D'Asia was kind of like NDG's little hidden gem. For some reason, not that many people knew about it - but those that did loved it, and for a really good reason. Their food was fresh, delicious, and consistently on-point. We'll miss you, Sushi D'Asia.

12. Meatmarket

Literally shedding tears remembering this place. Meatmarket served up some of the most delicious hamburgers and awesome cocktails, and all wrapped up in a comfortable, unpretentious atmosphere. For extra points, it was located right in the Plateau - meaning you could have tasted one of their delicious morsels in one of the hottest boroughs of the city.

Photo cred - Benson Kua

13. Nizza

Which was completely awesome because it served up on point French dishes in a friendly atmosphere. And not just any French dishes, either - generally, Nizza served up food from the region of Nice. And they did it very, very well. Their terrasse was also super awesome, meaning you could have enjoyed their delicious food while admiring Montreal's beautiful summer cityscape.

14. Globe

Okay, who here has done one of their birthdays at Globe? The mega-popular Globe, located right on St. Laurent street, was a hub for celebrations. And for good reason. Their food was on point, their atmosphere was fun, and their decor was super trendy and contemporary. And, come on, doesn't St. Laurent seem kind of naked without seeing the familiar Globe circle logo?

15. Hard Rock Cafe

Montreal's version of the Hard Rock Cafe was actually a super fun place to grab a bite to eat on Crescent street. And even more fun if you loved The Beatles, as the majority of Hard Rock's decor was kind of dedicated to them (no complaints, though. The Beatles are life). Here's to hoping you bought one of their iconic shirts before their doors closed forever, friends.

16. Le Piemontais

Oh man, Le Piemontais was so good. This was probably some of the most legit Italian food you could have gotten in the city - and guess where it was located? Right in Chinatown. It was an amazing place, friends. Sometimes thinking of their pasta still keeps me up at night.

17. Mazurka

Please tell me you've tried the pierogies at Mazurka, because they were delicious. And so, so legit. Mazurka was a family-owned Polish restaurant located right on Prince Arthur. Which means that it was probably the perfect pre-clubbing destination, with legit food wrapped up in a comfortable, legit atmosphere. Oh man, so much winning.

Photo cred - pointnshoot

18. New Dynasty

Chinese food on point, life on point. And the food at New Dynasty made you feel like you could do anything. Fresh, delicious, and authentic Chinese food was literally a few blocks away from St. Laurent metro, making it not only awesome, but also super accessible. Don't cry too hard, my friends.

19. Le Hangar

Was this the coolest spot in Griffintown? Maybe it was. But that doesn't matter. It's gone now. Gone is their hip and friendly atmosphere. Gone are their delicious, unique, fresh dishes. Gone is probably the best spot you could have gone to take a date in the Sud-Ouest... I know. It stings. Moving on is the hardest part.

20. Thai Grill

If you've ever been clubbing, there's no way you don't remember Thai Grill. It was either that awesome place you took your date before a night on the town, that awesome place you went to before spending your birthday night going hard on St. Laurent street, that awesome place you straight up went to to have a great time, or that awesome place you passed on your way home that you promised yourself you'd try one day. Sadly, that day will never come. You can join me in mourning if you want.

21. Ben's Deli

Montreal's own version of Monk's Deli that sadly closed in the mid/late 2000s. If you've ever been to Ben's, then you know the struggle of trying to find something similar to their smoked meat. Such sadness.

22. Restaurant DNA

One of Montreal's most beautiful restaurants was also one of Montreal's most unique. If you've ever been there, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Boasting a gorgeous interior and a very unique menu, DNA was probably the only place you could go to to try dishes like horse filet - literally served with hay. Sadsies.

Photo cred - Rooey202

23. Ristorante Primadonna

An Italian restaurant that also served up some on point sushi, Primadonna was one of the most awesome fusion restaurants out there. Also located on St. Laurent, it was a perfect birthday/celebration spot. The fact that it had awesome cocktails didn't hurt, either. Primadonna, you're very much missed.

24. Casa Napoli

Oh man, this was such a great place. Located in Little Italy, Casa Napoli was one of the best places to go for authentic Italian food - especially if you were on a date, or if you had a huge party. S/O to their veal for changing my whole perspective on life.

25. Les Trois Petits Bouchons

Anything that emphasized wine as much as Les Trois Petits Bouchons did deserves to be open forever. But sadly, this is not the case. Les Trois Petits Bouchons was on fleek in every sense of the expression: from their delicious French food, to their on point wine recommendations, to their cozy atmosphere. It'll be missed, friends. It'll be missed.

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