A Canadian Lake Was Ranked Among The Most Beautiful In The World

Canada really is a natural beauty! 😍

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A person standing in front of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, Right: A lake in Alberta, Canada.

A person standing in front of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, Right: A lake in Alberta, Canada.

Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

Canada's pristine natural beauty never fails to captivate the world and a recent ranking is proof of just that. Condé Nast Traveler ranked the top 10 most beautiful mountain lakes in the world and one Canadian wonder managed to secure a spot on the list.

"The endless stretch of the ocean is a universally pleasing sight. But for many travellers, there’s nothing more beautiful than mirror-like mountain lakes framed by towering peaks," CN Traveler wrote. And when it comes to "mirror-like mountain lakes," Canada's very own Lake Louise knows how to steal the show.

The stunning body of water was listed in the second spot on CN's Top 10 list, making it a must-visit destination for those who haven't feasted their eyes on Louise's remarkable beauty.

"While Banff National Park is home to dozens of glacial lakes, few offer the same staggering beauty as Lake Louise. The scenic spot is known for its powder blue waters, soaring snow-capped peaks, and the regal Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise," CN Traveler said.

The travel magazine recommends canoeing or kayaking across the lake or mountain biking along the 4.4-mile Bow River loop if you're looking for a real adrenaline rush. During the winter months, Lake Louise transforms into a glistening snowy landscape where it isn't entirely uncommon to see folks crossing it on ice skates, snowshoes, or cross-country skis.

Wondering what other lakes made the list? Here is the complete top 10 list of the world's most beautiful mountain lakes:

  • Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia
  • Lake Louise, Canada
  • Lake Pehoé, Chile
  • Lake Como, Italy
  • Attabad Lake, Pakistan
  • Lake Tahoe, United States
  • Lake Kawaguchi, Japan
  • Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand
  • Second Lake, United States
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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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