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A Death-Defying 'Zipline Coaster' Is Now Open Less Than 2 Hours From Montreal (VIDEO)

It's open every day, all summer long.

Person rides the Mont Sutton "zipline coaster." Right: Mont Sutton "zipline coaster."

Person rides the Mont Sutton "zipline coaster." Right: Mont Sutton "zipline coaster."

A new zipline is open now at Mount Sutton – and it's not your ordinary ride. Rather than sending you straight down, this so-called "zipline coaster" features twists and turns under the trees, appealing to adrenaline lovers everywhere.

The zipline, open as of July 30, is the mountain's second. Last summer, Mount Sutton introduced its giant one-kilometre zipline, allegedly the "steepest in Canada." Tickets for the giant zipline include rides on the chairlift, so guests get views up and down the slopes.

The twisty zipline coaster shoots between trees on the forested mountainside and is open to all those aged 10 and older. If you reserve your spot at both ziplines, your tickets are discounted. The zipline is open every day until August 28, and every weekend from September 3 to October 16.

After a breathless trip through the trees, Mount Sutton offers other activities to spend the rest of your day. If you need a calming cool-down, check out Musical Saturdays at the mountain’s base, where local musicians perform on an open-air stage.

Mont Sutton 'Zipline Coaster'

Cost: $49 per person

When: July 30 to August 28, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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