A Quebec Vineyard Had Over $5,000 Worth Of Grapes Stolen & The Thief Hasn't Been Caught

Vignoble et Cidrerie Coteau Rougemont is offering five cases of wine to anyone with information.
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A Quebec Vineyard Had Over $5,000 Worth Of Grapes Stolen & The Thief Hasn't Been Caught

Vignoble et Cidrerie Coteau Rougemont, a Quebec vineyard, was the victim of theft last week, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of grapes stolen the night before the harvest.

But what the owners really didn't expect was the outpour of love and support in the coming weeks.

Since the incident, people from around the world have been sharing the vineyard's story and bring some light during these tough times.

MTL Blog got the chance to speak with Michel Robert, the vineyard's owner, to find out what happened, see if there were any updates and learn how it feels to experience such support.

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The grapes were discovered missing the day of the harvest.

On the morning of Thursday, October 22, the team at Rougemont went to prepare for the harvest of this year's Vidal grape and remove the nets that were protecting the crop from birds and raccoons.

However, when they got to the vines, they noticed something very strange: The nets had already been removed and there were no grapes to be seen.

Robert told MTL Blog that approximately 500 kilograms of grapes were taken. That equals roughly 300 bottles of wine, which would have brought in over $5,000 of revenue.

He said that grapes have been stolen from the vineyard before, but those were people passing by and stealing grapes "here and there." Robert says there has never been a situation "to this magnitude."

Apparently, other growers in Quebec have experienced similar situations over the last several years.

"It's something that happens, but it's rare to see half a row disappear like that."

The police have gotten involved.

The police went to the vineyard to file the report and ask questions. When MTL Blog chatted with Robert, there had been no updates.

"We don't think it's at the top of their priority," he said.

The Rougemont team predicts that it was likely two or three people involved in conducting the theft. It is likely that they came in and rushed through the vines.

What is clear is that they used black garbage bags to carry the grapes. In fact, the team found a half-empty bag on the grounds while investigating.

The thieves either left it there by accident or didn't have enough room to take it with them.

Robert thinks that the suspects are likely going to make their own wine with the grapes.

The worldwide support has been amazing.

Since news broke of the story, people have been sharing their shock and support.

But not just in Quebec and not even just in Canada. The story has made its way across the globe, including in the States, UKFrance, and Switzerland.

"We are overwhelmed by the proportion that this small news made around the world."

Robert says that the support from customers, consumers and the media has been so spectacular that they couldn't have predicted this would happen.

He says that the thieves probably didn't expect it either, so "He'll probably just stay quiet in his garage and keep it for himself."

Anyone with information about the case will get five special cases of wine and a wine tasting with Robert, himself.

"It's too late for those grapes, but maybe one day we'll know the complete story."

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