A TikToker Asked Americans About Canadian Stereotypes & Apparently We 'Speak Weird' (VIDEO)

Ok we get it, we have an accent...

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Canadian TikToker asked Americans about Canadian stereotypes.

Canadian TikToker asked Americans about Canadian stereotypes.

Ah, Canadian stereotypes. Beavers, Mounties, and moose are often a few terms that come up when Americans point out the countless Canadian clichés but what else do they think of us?

Canadian content creator Jade Koch, who goes by @lifeofjadeee on TikTok, paid a visit to Arizona State University (ASU) where she asked a few American students to list some Canadian stereotypes and the responses were pretty on point, not gonna lie.

"Do you have a stereotype about Canadians?" Jade asked the first person, a student from Oregon. The sweet answer was one that wouldn't really surprise anyone: maple syrup. Yeah, yeah, we get it, we're the leading producer and exporter of all things maple.


What do Americans think of Canadians? 🤔 #jademustknow #calgary #toronto #asu #americans #canada

The next two folks Jade asked had a lot to say about how "very polite and humble" we are. But the moment was ruined by their subsequent response: "Toronto." Because apparently, that's the only Canadian city some Americans can name.

The fourth person couldn't think of anything. What are they teaching the youth of today at ASU?

The TikToker saved the best for last.

"They speak weird," one person said when asked about Canadian stereotypes.

"Do I speak weird?" Jade asked.

"No, no, no, not in that sense!" the person quickly clarified. "I speak French and hearing Canadians speak French is different." The many French Canadian accents can definitely be tough to understand, so we don't blame them.

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