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This Quebecer Brought Her Acrobat Dogs On 'America’s Got Talent’ & Simon Cowell Loved Them

Alexandra Côté and her pups proved how talented Quebecers are.

Alexandra Côté Brought Her Acrobat Dogs On 'America’s Got Talent’

This Quebecer Brought Her Acrobat Dogs On 'America's Got Talent' & Simon ...

Alexandra Côté, a 25-year-old dog trainer from Quebec, made our province proud when she auditioned for America's Got Talent with her two pups, Tesla and Louka.

Côté is still waiting to find out if she and her dogs passed the audition, but we are all rooting for them.

You can read our interview with Côté below.

Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity, as well as translated from French to English.

How did you get onto American's Got Talent?

Someone asked me if I wanted to be on the show. She was a casting agent. I answered, "Yes, but I live in Quebec, Canada." She told me that was alright so I sent her some videos. She showed them to the producers who liked them, so they wanted to see what we would do on stage. So, I made up a routine very quickly, in two days. Two to three days later, I got an email saying that I was chosen to audition on the show.

Almost a month later, I was flying to Los Angeles with my dogs.

How did your audition go?

I was surprised at the dogs' performances. Sometimes the dogs miss some tricks, but it actually went really well! We do perform shows, but it's often outside. But, they are used to noise and crowds but she (Tesla) had never performed on a stage.

Do you know if you passed the audition?

From what I heard, the next episodes will be dedicated to showing who the judges did and did not pick. So I imagine we will find out in those episodes.

How was it being a Quebecer on an American show?

I don't speak English very well so it was a little intimidating but the other people auditioning don't see this as a competition. They see it as something to gain such as visibility. So people were really nice, the English speakers as much as the French. They were really trying to take to me. It was really great.

Did auditioning for the show get you more followers on social media?

Many people followed me and wrote to me. Since my business is to train dogs, I got many requests for my services and right now, I am almost booked for a month.

How were the judges?

Well, I found them really nice, with me. I met Simon before the show because I was walking with her (Tesla). We were supposed to film a take outside. He saw Tesla so he approached her and pet her. But he couldn't really talk to me since I was auditioning.

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