This Montrealer Has Been Rescuing Dogs All Over North America & Bringing Them To Quebec

He visits kill shelters and tries to save the dogs that are on the euthanasia lists.
This Montrealer Has Been Rescuing Dogs All Over North America & Bringing Them To Quebec

Yossi Ohana is known to many Montreal locals as a popular DJ. Not only has he been seen spinning at many of the cities hottest spots, but he's also been fortunate enough to play at Oscar and Grammy parties, plus events with celebrities like The Backstreet Boys and Usher. Ohana has also spent the past seven years touring with one of Montreal's most loved comedians, Sugar Sammy

He's also one of the faces behind some of the coolest and trendiest spots in our city including Biiru, The Escondite Franchise, and Koa Lua.

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But, his hard work and passion are not solely put into restaurants and events, as Ohana is very fervent about his non-profit Rescue All Dogs (R.A.D.).

With co-founder Kim Desautels, the two founded R.A.D., where they aim to be the voices for these loving animals. 

He went on to tell us that "Rescuing dogs is something that is truly rewarding in ways I can't explain. I always make time no matter how busy I am." 

Recently, he and his team drove across Canada to pick up a group of mistreated dogs and that was just one of their many rescue mission.

We got to pick his brain about the rescuing process and the importance of what R.A.D. is all about. 

Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.

Is it hard to bring the dogs back to Montreal from the US or other places in Canada — especially with the borders being closed at the moment?

COVID hit us hard, we had to cancel a few rescue missions because we couldn't cross the border. We have about a dozen dogs in the Middle East that we still need to fly over. 

Usually, it's not extremely hard to bring back dogs from other countries as we do a lot of vetting on the dogs before transporting them in the original country they are rescued. Custom/borders always appreciate that. 

We do come across problems when it comes to transporting Pitbull type dogs as most airlines refuse to fly them.

How do you guys find these dogs in need?

I will head to kill shelters and try to get dogs that are on the euthanasia list and try to get them out of there before anything happens to them. 

Kim also gets contacted by other rescues that need help.

What is the biggest misconception people have about rescue pets?

That there aren't any purebreds and that rescue dogs are damaged in some way, which is far from the truth. 

They euthanize amazing dogs even puppies daily for the simple reason of lack of space at the shelters. This includes ALL breeds, small and big. 

What can Montrealers do to help R.A.D.?

Rescues cost money — it's the sad reality of it.

If we have no funding, we can't save the lives of these dogs. We are 100% non-profit and the majority of our funds go to medical care. 

That being said, monetary donations of any amount keeps us going or even calling our amazing veterinarians at Vet Clinic Pointe Saint-Charles at (514) 938-5911 to donate directly towards our bill.

Gently used dog items as well, like toys, beds, collars, leashes we always need. We always look for experienced fosters, too.

Simply sharing, advocating, educating, and being a voice for the voiceless helps in really big ways.