A Laval Woman Impressed Howie Mandel On 'Canada's Got Talent' & Got The Golden Buzzer (VIDEO)

Geneviève Côté shocked the crowd!

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Genevieve Cote from Laval, Quebec audition on Canada's Got Talent and receiving the golden buzzer.

Genevieve Cote from Laval, Quebec audition on Canada's Got Talent and receiving the golden buzzer.

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Earlier this month, Laval artist Geneviève Côté auditioned for Canada's Got Talent and received the golden buzzer, allowing her to move forward to the show's semi-finals.

Côté is a self-proclaimed entertainer and noise maker, a talent that has now soared her to the live shows. As she walked on stage, she was greeted by the panel of judges — made up of Howie Mandel, Lily Singh, Kardinal Offishall, and Trish Stratus.

"What do you do?" Howie Mandel asked Côté. "I love making noise!" she said.

"I am very grateful to be here," Côté continued. "My boyfriend and friend are in the audience and this is a great opportunity even if life is difficult sometimes…we can achieve the impossible if we believe in it."

"Do you believe you can win this?" Mandel asked her. "I believe!" Côté said enthusiastically.

It was then that the Quebec artist showcased her incredible talent for noise-making…yes, noise-making. Côté has a unique skill of making sound effects with her voice that allows your imagination to run wild.

Côté's audition was filled with animal noises and ethereal sounds that were goosebump-inducing, so much so that Mandel used his single golden buzzer moment on her.

"OMG I was so excited to do this show because I have always had an issue with the fact that I was forced to leave Canada to do what I wanted to do," Mandel said. "My biggest dream is to find something we haven't seen before, something that will [make people] say this is 'this person from Canada', this is talent, and you know what, this is the moment that it happened for me," Mandel said before hitting the golden buzzer.

"I feel happy. I don't know how I feel, oh my god," Côté told host Lindsay Ell.

Canada's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Citytv.

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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