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ANOTHER Drink? Quebec's New Alcohol Awareness Campaign Gets Into The Why

Are you drinking for fun, or has it become a habit?

​Bottles of empty wine and beer at the base of a trash can in a Plateau park.

Bottles of empty wine and beer at the base of a trash can in a Plateau park.

A new alcohol awareness campaign in Quebec wants young people to uncork their feelings. Instead of asking residents to reflect on how much they drink, Éduc'alcool is focussing on the why. "Do I drink because I feel like it or because I need to?" is the refrain of a new awareness campaign the org launched on Monday.

Éduc'alcool reports that around a third of Quebec adults overconsume alcohol and few ask themselves the reasons or relationships that lead them to drink. Men and women are almost equally represented in the overdrinking group with a majority falling between the ages of 18 and 34.

"It is important to be the boss of one's own decisions and to avoid being tempted by habit," said Éduc'alcool Executive Director Geneviève Desautels.

In a recent survey, the org found that Quebecers who decompress after work with a beer or a glass of wine do so habitually when they arrive home. Parents also reported kicking back with a drink as part of their daily routine after tucking their kids into bed. Many of the same respondents admitted to being concerned about their consumption habits and trying to cut back.

The "I'm the Boss" project contends that Quebecers don't always have to say 'No' to another drink. It's more about catching yourself before you fall into the habit of drinking every day.

As part of the new campaign, Éduc'alcool has created a quiz to help participants analyze their own drinking patterns. The org is also raising awareness for its online moderation tools: Count Your Drinks; Standard Drink Server and the Calcoholator.

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