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Claudie Mercier From ‘OD’ Defended An Insta Pic That Followers Said Looks Nothing Like Her

"Yes, it's a retouched photo."

Associate Editor, MTL Blog
Claudie Mercier selfie, Right: Claudie Mercier and her boyfriend, Mathieu Pellerin.

Claudie Mercier selfie, Right: Claudie Mercier and her boyfriend, Mathieu Pellerin.

Claudie Mercier was eager to announce her newest collaboration with Girl Crush where she was spotted wearing a matching unisex outfit alongside her boyfriend, Mathieu Pellerin. However, after sharing it to her feed, Mercier's followers quickly commented on her appearance, claiming she looked nothing like herself.

The photo garnered some major criticism and comments flooded in regarding Mercier looking "unrecognizable."

"Lord ahah, we don't recognize you at all, but [great] picture," one user wrote.

"Your face [is] not the same, right?" another commented.

Well, the former Occupation Double Afrique du Sud contestant took to her Instagram Stories to clear the air.

In a series of video clips posted to Mercier's page on November 1, the OD star said that she was completely disappointed that her followers took such a joyous moment and instantly made it about her appearance.

"First of all, yes it's a retouched photo and I thought it was really fun to do a nice little professional shoot for the launch of the collection. You know, I'm the kind of girl who never puts a filter on, I never touch up my face, so I never thought that a picture like that would be so talked about because I never take a professional shoot," Mercier said.

Claudie was visibly upset in her videos, and stated that she was utterly sad to read the comments at a moment that made her "so proud." Claudie also shared one comment in specific to her IG Stories that claimed she looks "swollen," and that they "didn't even recognize her."

"And the comment about my wisdom teeth? That I look swollen? Well, yes I have gained weight and do you know what? It's f*cking complex," she clapped back." Claudie clapped back.

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    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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