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Tommy From ‘Occupation Double Martinique’ Reveals If He Regrets His Time On The Show

And who from the house he'll stay friends with.

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Tommy Kimpton from Occupation Double Martinique.

Tommy Kimpton from Occupation Double Martinique.

Occupation Double Martinique has been causing more controversy than ever before after a few contestants were accused of bullying. Fans of the reality show have been livid over Isaack and Philippe's actions against Jonathan, which ultimately led the contestant to voluntarily leave the house.

The final straw came about following Tommy Kimpton's exit from the show. The Blainville DJ was excluded from the get-go by Isaack and Philippe, a tactic previously used on Jon. Despite production announcing in a Facebook post that it would be implementing a workshop on non-violent communication and providing contestants with training on bullying prevention — the damage was already done.

The events that transpired in the house against Jonathan and Tommy not only caused several sponsors to sever ties with the show for good, but OD Martinique shared they would officially be kicking out the faulty contestants from the competition.

Now, Tommy is speaking out and sharing the deets on his experience in the OD house and whether he regrets his time on the show. In an Instagram Stories Q&A posted earlier this week, Tommy made it clear that despite the unfortunate outcome, he regrets nothing.

"I regret zero from my time on Occupation Double, for real, it transformed me for the better," Tommy said. "I walked out as a winner when it comes to my image and personal development, and I am very happy that I went."

The 27-year-old may have been targeted upon entry into the house, however, he still managed to form some solid relationships with a couple of guys. When asked if he'll remain friends with any of the OD candidates, Tommy shared that despite it not being shown much on TV, he became close with both Walide and Jimy — who he'll be keeping "keeping in his heart for when they exit the OD house."

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    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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