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Quebec TV Megahit 'Occupation Double' Is Losing Sponsors Over Ongoing Bullying This Season

OD's sponsors are dropping like flies!

Associate Editor, MTL Blog
Occupation Double Martinique.

Occupation Double Martinique.

This season of Occupation Double Martinique has found itself ruffling far more feathers than anticipated, so much so that the reality show is now losing sponsors over alleged ongoing bullying.

Following the season's start back on September 11, viewers of the hit Quebec reality dating show began to call out a few OD contestants, mainly Philippe and Isaack, who have been running the house this season — over their hostile and exclusionary behaviour.

After messages regarding production's lack of intervention poured in, OD issued a statement on its Facebook page stating that contestants would be receiving a non-violent communication workshop and bullying prevention training later this week.

Despite production's efforts, the bullying continued well after Tommy's brief stint on the show and now some of the OD's partners are stepping in — or should we say stepping out.

Shop Sant\u00e9's Facebook post announcing their decision not to sponsor OD for future contracts.Shop Santé's Facebook post announcing their decision not to sponsor OD for future contracts.Shop Santé | Facebook

Shop Santé was among the first to share that they would be cutting all ties with the show due to the questionable behaviour of OD contestants. "At Shop Santé, we choose our partners carefully; their values and actions must reflect our own. Following certain actions, behaviours and decisions made by the Occupation Double production team, we have decided to end our partnership for all future seasons," the company wrote.

"We believe that bullying has no place in society, nor on television, whatever the reason. We also believe that respect, well-being and cohesion should be put forward."

Following Shop Santé's announcement, a domino effect of sponsors pulling out from the show ensued. Clothing brand Oraki, jewellery company Twenty Compass and mattress brand, Polysleep were among the others to sever ties with Occupation Double.

Oraki stated that the company's values simply do not line up with that of the show.

"Following the behaviour of some Occupation Double candidates, as well as of the production's management of the situation to date, we have decided to end our partnership with the show [...] We take a firm stand against bullying in all its forms and degrees. We wish to highlight our zero-tolerance policy for such behaviour. The situation should not be accepted under any circumstances, regardless of the media or broadcast channel," Oraki said.

Polysleep also voiced their concerns, stating that they do not support any form of bullying whatsoever. "Our mission is to promote well-being through better sleep. Therefore, we do not support any bullying behaviour that may affect the peace of mind of our customers and partners [...] This worrying situation has made us decide to stop all promotion of our current participation in the TV program, while we will respect our current contractual obligations. However, we will cease all future partnerships with Occupation Double," the company wrote.

Although OD's sponsors have made it clear they wish to no longer be associated with the show, fans might still spot their products this season due to contractual obligations. However, when Occupation Double Martinique comes to a close, it's au revoir for good from these three branded partners.

"Following the events, we have taken the time to evaluate our contractual obligations with Occupation Double and we have taken the decision to no longer associate with the television show for the remainder of the season and for any seasons to come," Twenty Compass said.

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    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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