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We Asked An 'Occupation Double' Expert To Break Down This Season's Drama (VIDEO)

We talked bullying, breakups and banishment from the show.

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Jay du Temple (centre), the host of Occupation Double. Right: Martinique, where this season is set.

Jay du Temple (centre), the host of Occupation Double. Right: Martinique, where this season is set.

Occupation Double (OD)and its dramatic Martinique season have been captivating Québécois audiences over the past several weeks, as bullying controversies and high-profile departures rock the show and throw its future into question. But curious anglos might feel out of the loop, so MTL Blog spoke with Narcity Quebec’s resident OD expert and Managing Editor, Izabelle Bee, to learn what's so unique about this season.

How does Occupation Double work and what do you win?

OD is a dating show in which a house of women and a house of men compete to find love and eliminate their "enemies". In a nutshell, you want to be in the strongest couple in order to win. The winners get half a million dollars in prizes, Bee told MTL Blog, "There's a condo, rental cars insurance and more."

What’s the bullying controversy on Occupation Double Martinique?

Every reality show has its drama, especially dating shows, so in some ways it's no surprise that Occupation Double is facing its own share.

"There was one guy, named Jonathan, who didn't make friends with the others," Bee explained. Two social leaders in the house, both men, "ganged up" on Jonathan, trying to eliminate his girlfriend in order to get him off the show.

This is despite the fact that there were single people there to be eliminated with no consequences. The two guys called it a "good vibes" decision, intended to make the house feel more comfortable, allegedly.

How did Occupation Double's producers respond to the bullying?

"In many shows, producers are responsible for guiding the onscreen narratives," Bee explained. During OD Martinique, the producers were accused of asking leading questions. "[The candidates] said they didn't do enough when Jonathan was being bullied" — their inaction could have made the situation worse.

Who got kicked off of Occupation Double?

Isaack and Philippe were kicked off the show, and an already-eliminated candidate, Félix, was also said to be involved in the bullying incidents. Because the show is filmed three weeks in advance, "Félix was already out when the other two got kicked off," Bee explained.

How have Occupation Double fans reacted to the drama?

"It's an odd situation, because Quebecers, we love to complain," Bee laughed, "It's in our culture."

OD fans were vocal about their issues with the bullying onscreen and directly led to the two men being kicked off. This also caused a halt in production to film new content, as episodes containing the two banned contestants no longer made sense without them.

What's next for Occupation Double?

"I think this production is strong enough to come back," Bee told MTL Blog. "The fanbase is huge and the show is worth millions of dollars."

"But they'll have to adapt," she added, and make the game friendlier — or at least less likely to involve bullying.

Who will win Occupation Double Martinique?

"Definitely Claudia and Jimmy. I think it's a no-brainer," Bee predicted. "It's actually the only strong couple remaining in the show."

"We'll see, but I'm pretty positive about this."

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    Staff Writer
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