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The cast of Occupation Double Martinique, Right: Tommy from Occupation Double Martinique crying.

The cast of Occupation Double Martinique, Right: Tommy from Occupation Double Martinique crying.

Occupation Double Martiniquehas been on just about everyone's radar this season and not for the best of reasons. The reality show, which is one of the greatest things to come out of Quebec since poutine, is the ultimate Big Brother meets The Bachelor series that will have you hooked without even needing to know much French.

Despite its success, OD is causing major controversy this season when it comes to ongoing bullying, and fans of the show have had enough.

Following the season premiere back on September 11, viewers were quick to notice the questionable behaviour of a few contestants, mainly Isaack, Philippe and Félix, who were quick to form an alliance – ostracizing fan fave Jonathan. The trio rallied against Jonathan from the get-go, stirring up problems that were common to reality television but things turned real ugly, real quick.

The Dustpan Incident

After pleading with the menacing clique to keep things tidy in the men's quarters, a pile of dirty towels and nail clippings left on the floor was the last straw for Jonathan. The OD contestant picked up the mess and instead of tossing it into the trash, he left it atop Michael's bed — thinking he was responsible for it. Despite Jonathan apologizing to Michael, squashing their short-lived beef, Michael decided to stir the pot during his exit from the house by letting the cast know about the dustpan incident.

Isaack and Philippe began gunning for Jonathan more than ever, excluding him from the group, gossiping and even going as far as targeting his romance with Clémence.

The Audience Begins To React

Fans were appalled by the on-screen bullying — prompting them to call out production for not stepping in. During the October 9 elimination, the men wanted to vote out Clémence as a way to get Jonathan out of the house. This was all it took for the 26-year-old to call it quits, voluntarily leaving the house for good.

With Jonathan out, Isaack and Philippe set their sights on the newest contestant, Tommy, a DJ from Blainville — proving old habits really do die hard.

Enter Tommy

The duo claimed they didn't like Tommy's attitude or approach to the game, despite him only being in the house for a hot minute. The DJ was also accused of scheming with fellow castmate, Catherine, who just so happens to be friends with Tommy's ex and Quebec influencer, Emmy-Jade Greaves. it didn't take much time before his name ended up in the elimination envelope. However, Tommy decided to take matters into his own hands.

Tommy requested to leave, stating he didn't feel comfortable in the Occupation Double house. In an interview with Narcity Québec, Tommy went as far as saying that he "felt a little bit like I did in high school, with a cool gang that makes other people feel bad."

Spillover To Sponsors

At this point, fans were outraged and countless messages poured in regarding the production's lack of effort when it came to mitigating the foul play. The show later announced in a Facebook post that it would be implementing a workshop on non-violent communication and providing contestants with training on bullying prevention. However, it was too little too late.

Four sponsors (Polysleep, Shop Santé, Oraki and Twenty Compass) severed ties with the show this week following accusations of bullying, stating their values did not align with that of Occupation Double Martinique.

OD was quick to cover its tracks, sharing that it will officially be eliminating the contestants who had been accused of bullying. While they did not specifically name who would be given the boot, viewers are certain Isaack and Philippe are being given the boot.

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    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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