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Details About New Quebec CEGEP & Uni Scholarships Offering Up To $2,500/Semester Are Out

Students in 233 programs could be eligible.

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John Abbott College.

John Abbott College.

In 2021, the government announced new scholarships for Quebec CEGEP and university students in specific courses of study. The idea is to incentivize students to enter fields where the province is in desperate need of expertise and labour.

The scholarship sums will go up to $1,500 per semester for college students and $2,500 per semester for university students.

Since the end of 2021, details have been trickling out about when and how students might become eligible for the scholarship program, dubbed "Perspective Québec."

The government recently updated an online webpage for the program with an FAQ section that makes clear students will be able to apply for the first time beginning in January 2023, once it's confirmed they have successfully completed full-time study in the fall 2022 semester.

Scholarships will then go out during the winter 2023 semester.

Students will be able to apply following each qualifying semester thereafter. Semesters completed before fall 2022 will not be eligible.

In addition to the minimum credit requirements outlined in the FAQ doc, applicants must be Indigenous, citizens or permanent residents of Canada, as well as residents of Quebec.

More details about the application process will be released in the fall, but the government says it will involve an online form and submission portal on the website of the provincial Ministry of Higher Education.

Quebec has already released the list of 233 CEGEP and university programs covered by Perspectives Québec.

And by the way, students will have to declare the scholarships as part of their income in their tax return, but the government assures the sums won't be subject to taxation on the provincial side.

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