After over four decades of bringing joy to Montrealers and tourists alike, the 2Pierrots venue on rue St. Paul has officially announced that it's closing its doors.

The emotional announcement was made on the venue's Facebook page, which begins by saying "It is with sadness and nostalgia that I announce that a page of a wonderful story is turning too quickly. A story of more than 46 years full of songs, full of emotions."

The closure announcement has already collected over 7k likes and 13k shares since it was posted on the evening of November 8.

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The goodbye post gives thanks to its loyal customers, staff, managers, artists who have performed at the venue, and Robert Ruel, its founder. "Thank you to all of you who have made 2Pierrots a special place, a family."

"2Pierrots is much more than a building. It is a soul, and this one will remain very much alive!"

Marilou Sciascia Ruel, the daughter of 2Pierrots' founder, told LaPresse: "The reason I'm closing is that I couldn't see when I would be able to reopen 2Pierrots, it's a 700-person facility. At what point I could open 2Pierrots so that people could dance and have fun like before, I don't see when that could happen."

A virtual goodbye party will be held on December 12 that'll have performances by multiple artists.

It starts at 7 p.m., so if you're already missing the greatness that was 2Pierrots, make sure to make your calendar!

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