In interviews with TVA Nouvelles and Radio-Canada Monday afternoon, Premier François Legault said that new restrictions for Quebec stores likely wouldn't enter force until December 25 to give people a chance to do their holiday shopping.

"Already, businesses have suffered a lot," the premier told TVA's Pierre Bruneau. "From here to the 25th, I think we have to let people live."

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"I think it could happen for stores as of the 25th of December," Legault underlined on Radio-Canada's Le 15-18.

As for how long new restrictions could last after that, he told host Annie Desrochers that the government is "in discussion with public health to know if it's going to be one week, two weeks — how much time we need to really break the wave."

He earlier confirmed in an interview with 98.5 FM that new restrictions were on the way, though he said that they would "not go as far as" the measures that were in place in the spring.

The government will make an announcement on Tuesday, he said.

Already, Quebec has cancelled plans to allow limited holiday gatherings in the province's red zones in the days around Christmas.

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