It feels like the cold weather is hitting Montreal worse than a gust of cold winter wind. Despite the fact that today is 8C and raining, Tuesday will have a low of -19C come nightfall, according to Weather Canada.

Yep, Montreal weather in December is more confusing than Legault's red zone rules.

According to the government agency, the high on Tuesday will be -11C, so I guess that's positive... even if it's in the negatives. 

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Weather Canada's nightly forecast for Tuesday, Dec. 19 in Montreal

The good news is that the skies will be clear, so at least there will be lots of sunshine to get us through.

But anyone who's experienced Montreal winter knows that it doesn't just stop at the temperature. There's the dreaded windchill that just adds fire to a flame. Or should I say ice to an ice storm? 

According to The Weather Network though, Wednesday will be the night where it feels like -19C. Either way, we've got to prepare ourselves.

The rest of the week is also quite chilly, Thursday to -14C and Friday to -7C.

So it's time to face the music, friends. Whip out your puffy jackets.

We're in this for the long haul.

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