When it comes to funny Montreal Instagram pages to follow, it seems like the options are endless. But we found one that has managed to stand out from the rest.

@overheard.montreal is one of those painfully relatable accounts that make you LOL the entire time you scroll through them.

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Trying to figure out the inner workings of this page, MTL Blog reached out to the creators to see how it all got started.

"We wanted to make Montrealers proud and provide them with content that would make them laugh and a place where they can share the funny things they hear," they told us.

The creators have chosen to remain anonymous, but still answered all of our questions.

Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.

How did you decide to start this page?

We're a small group of friends who religiously send each other memes and funny stuff we see on Instagram.

We've always loved content from pages like @overheardla and @overheardnewyork and although these pages are hilarious, they aren't always relatable to someone living in Montreal. Montreal is unique to other cities in so many ways and has some pretty funny people.

We looked around and were surprised to see that there weren't really any similar pages geared towards quotes heard from Montrealers. There are a few accounts out there but nothing with consistent content. We figured we'd give it a shot and make our own page.

How often do people submit quotes to you? What are some of your favourites you've heard?

It really depends, some days we'll receive none but other days we'll get a few.

In most cases, we'll get something at least once a week. We also understand that not everyone's humour is the same so even though we may not find something the funniest thing ever, we'll still do our best to post it.

In terms of our favourites, it's hard to say, as many quotes have had an impact on our page and others really had us laughing out loud. Some that really stand out to us are the ones from first dates and red flags in dating — it's hilarious to read about the things that go on in this city.

Everybody can relate to having experienced a bad/questionable first date and it creates a sense of community to know that so many of us are in the same boat.

No one should ever hesitate to send us something and we take all submissions into consideration!

Why do you think so many people connect to your page?

The things we post are funny because they are relatable. It's wholesome to know that there are strangers, living in the same city as you, who are experiencing things you have also experienced.

It's like a little community bound by laughter and awkward situations. It's just very human and interactive.

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