Times are tough. COVID-19 cases are on the rise, meaning businesses are shutting down and visits with loved ones are restricted. That may be why last night's stunning Montreal sunset meant so much — like a ray of hope beaming across the city.

Montrealers were clearly over the moon (pun intended!) to see the sky ablaze in shades of orange, yellow, purple and pink. It literally looked like the sky was on fire.

From north to south, east to west, residents expressed their awe by — how else? — taking to social media to post about it. 

The resulting photos were too good to not share — especially since we could all use a little pick me up right now!

Let's give ourselves another day to marvel at the beauty of nature and revel in some #skyporn before our thoughts drift back down to earth.

Happy weekend!

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Apocalypse Now!

Where in Montreal: Corner of Rue Sherbrooke Ouest and Avenue Benny

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: It looks like this NDG building has been specially selected to ascend to heaven. Maybe some divine ruler up there loves Pizza Pizza?

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Where in Montreal: Westmount

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: The most gorgeous tunnel of purple clouds culminates in a tree surrounded by a halo of yellow and orange light... I mean, come on.

Sky On Fire

Where in Montreal: Verdun

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: It looks like the sky is on fire — which is made all the more beautiful by the fact that it's not. Safety first, people.

Purple Rain

Where in Montreal: La Maison de l’Aspirateur on Boulevard Saint-Laurent in the Plateau

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: These pastel shades of purple and pink will give any millennial the warm and fuzzies.

Orange Saucer

Where in Montreal: Taken from Saint-Constant on the South Shore

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: This aerial shot offers an amazing perspective of the city and makes the sun look like a flying saucer or meteorite.

Great Balls Of Fire

Where in Montreal: Samuel De Champlain Bridge

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: Here, it looks like the sky is throwing fireballs onto the Champlain Bridge. Perhaps it's a sign to stay off the South Shore.

Praying For Pink Skies

Where in Montreal: Église Saint-Édouard

The WOW-Factor Of This Photo: This Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie church by Beaubien metro station looks SO pretty in pink. 

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