Here's When To Remove Your Winter Tires In Quebec, According To Weather Experts

It varies by region.

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Cars driving down the Decarie highway in Montreal, Quebec, during the wintertime.

Cars driving down the Decarie highway in Montreal, Quebec, during the wintertime.

The transition from winter to spring is often a fickle one, considering snowfall throughout the month of March (and sometimes April) is still very much possible. Now, with spring only days away, you might be wondering when you can officially ditch your winter tires in Quebec.

According to the provincial government, cars driving on Quebec roads should have winter tires as early as December 1 and as late as March 15. Drivers who fail to have winter tires installed on their vehicles up until the March 15 date can be subjected to a fine of $200 to $300.

"Spring conditions can be variable, so it is recommended that you wait a few weeks after the end of this period before putting on our all-season or summer tires," the government website says and The Weather Network agrees.

As reported by Narcity Quebec, weather experts say that it is best to change your winter tires once temperatures hit 7 degrees Celsius. This usually occurs around the March 28 mark. As for regions further east, including Sept-Îles, waiting an additional month is recommended.

The Weather Network recommends Montrealers remove their winter tires by April 15. In the Eastern Townships, Lanaudière and the lower Laurentians, it's recommended to remove winter tires by April 30.

As for northwestern Quebec, in areas such as Saguenay, the North Shore, Québec City and the lower St. Lawrence, The Weather Network suggests waiting until May. For residents in the Gaspé Peninsula, it's recommended to wait an additional two weeks for conditions to be favourable for changing tires.

"The spring of 2023 is expected to go strangely. The average dates of seven degrees stable could be delayed, as relapses by mid-April are not ruled out. The farther away you travel in Quebec, the longer we need to wait to change your tires," meteorologist Réjean Ouimet said.

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