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You Can Now Save Up To 50% At 80+ Metro Stores In Quebec

Save money AND reduce food waste! 🥦
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You Can Now Save Up To 50% At 80+ Metro Stores In Quebec

Good news, savvy shoppers! You can now shop for discounted items at selected Quebec Metro stores through FoodHero. The grocery store chain has announced that it's expanding its partnership with the app. Put simply, FoodHero is an anti-waste app that lets Quebecers buy products that are set to expire soon at a discounted price.

But no need to worry, they're still totally consumable.

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Here's how it works.

First, you start by downloading the FoodHero app onto your smartphone.

Then, you go in and choose the store closest to you as your "favourite Metro store." Currently, there are over 80 participating stores in Quebec. So, there's bound to be one pretty close to you.

After that, you choose all the products you want from the list available and order away. Then, you just have to go to the chosen store and pick up your goods.

AND, you get a $5 credit on your first order! Not bad, right?

As the company puts it, the app "offer[s] you a heroic way to save."

A press release explains that FoodHero "help[s] shoppers save 30 to 50% off unsold products that are close to their expiry date and that remain fresh and fully consumable, such as meat, fish, cheese, prepared meals and bakery and pastry products."

And, who doesn't love a good discount? On food especially.

For my fellow Montrealers, there are 13 Metro locations in the city that are available on FoodHero.

Such include one on avenue Du Parc, one on rue Saint Hubert, another on rue Ontario, among others.

Since the options will be based on which foods on expiring and where it's normal that the selection will be rather limited.

But, you're helping less food go to waste AND getting all kinds of unique products to help switch up your cooking routine. 

The FoodHero app even allows you to track your personal impact on food waste by showing the amount of CO2 saved with your orders.

I've always been told that expiry dates were a lie — and now I truly believe it.

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