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Montreal's Cheesiest Christmas Bash Is Returning To Atwater Market Next Month

Melt away the winter blues at this raclette party. 🧀

​Raclette cheese on a slice of bread in front of a line at a Christmas booth.

Raclette cheese on a slice of bread in front of a line at a Christmas booth.

'Tis the season for cheese lovers in Montreal. Atwater Market is set to host a major raclette party on December 1, as part of its Village de Noël. If you thought the holidays were all about eggnog and gingerbread, Montreal's cheesiest Christmas party is here to change your mind.

Last year's event attracted over 2,500 cheese lovers who indulged in the famous raclette from Fromagerie Fritz. Cheese wheels lined open fire pits ready to be melted over a hearty helping of potatoes, pickles, and bread.

This year's party promises similar warmth and cheesy goodness, priced at an appetizing $16 (+tax). You'll get a plate heaped with raclette cheese, potatoes, pickles, and bread — all the essentials for a comforting winter feast.

For those who like their plate with a little extra, there's the "fully loaded" option for $20 (+tax). The deluxe plate includes an assortment of charcuterie alongside the standard raclette fare.

While the melty, gooey raclette cheese is the star attraction, there will also be a full-on Christmas celebration with Atwater Market transforming into a festive wonderland. Visitors can look forward to other sweet and savoury treats, ranging from churros and crepes to waffles and mulled wine, perfect for complementing a raclette meal.

The evening also features a special screening of the cult film Les Visiteurs at 5 p.m. You'll get to enjoy classic French comedy with your meal. Plus, there will be fires dotting the market, giving the event a cozy ambiance. A live performance will follow at 7 p.m. with holiday music from Fanfare Terrato. And by 10 p.m., the event will wind down.

Tickets are required and grant one hour of access to the raclette party. During that time, attendees are sure to get their fill of exquisite cheese and the camaraderie that epitomizes the holiday season. Bon appétit!

Montreal Raclette Party

A Montreal Raclette Party flyer with a yellow cheese background and flames at the bottom.

Village de Noël de Montréal | Facebook

When: December 1, 5 p.m.

Where: Atwater Market

Cost: $16+/person

Facebook Event

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