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This Verdun Fromagerie Has A New Raclette Bar With Rotating Cheese Options

It also supplies charcuterie, potatoes and pickled veggies for the full meal.🧀

Raclette Bar at Fromagerie Copette & Cie. Right: Someone stands outside the store with a baguette and box of cheese.

Raclette Bar at Fromagerie Copette & Cie. Right: Someone stands outside the store with a baguette and box of cheese.

The new raclette bar at Verdun's Fromagerie Copette & Cie will take you from cheesed to pleased. Montrealers can stop by to pick up all of the ingredients needed to make the popular melted cheese dish, including gourmet charcuterie options, pickled veggies, boiled potatoes and fresh baguettes.

The shop offers a rotating selection of around a dozen meltable options, from smoky Savoie and aromatic goat cheeses, to pungent cracked pepper and fruity Griffon beer raclette. Every few weeks through the fall and winter the fromagerie will change its offerings so fans can try something new.

"If you come to the store and tell us the number of people you're serving, we can create your raclette according to your tastes," staff member Marie-Christine Henssen told MTL Blog.

She said the shop sees an annual spike in customers looking to fire up their raclette machines as soon as the weather cools off. This year, they've dedicated a whole display to cater to the most ardent fans of rustic foods topped with gooey cheese.

A selection of baked breads in the window of the shop. Right, The raclette bar stocked with cheese, meat and pickled veg.@sofsilva.mtl | Instagram

A raclette box for two costs around $35, filled with eight hearty slices of cheese and a selection of spicy meat rosettes, including spicy saucisse, dried beef and ham.

Each raclette purchase also comes with crispy cornichons, cauliflower and beets packed in a leak-free plastic container, and a generous portion of potatoes in a small brown paper bag. For an extra $3, you can leave with a fragrant baguette.

A selection of cheeses. Right, The raclette box with cheese and meat, along with potatoes, veggies and a baguette.@sofsilva.mtl | Instagram

When you leave Fromagerie Copette & Cie with your haul, the only thing you'll need is a raclette machine to grill the meats and melt the cheese. If you don't already have one, there are some for rent for a low $5 a day (with a $250 deposit). Or, of course, you can always just use your oven.

Fromagerie Copette & Cie

When: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: 4650, rue Wellington


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