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Montreal's Atwater Market Is Hosting A Giant Christmassy Raclette Party Next Month

Reservations required.🧀

Raclette portion at Montreal's Atwater Christmas Village. Right: Atwater Christmas Village, Montreal.

Raclette portion at Montreal's Atwater Christmas Village. Right: Atwater Christmas Village, Montreal.

Montreal's Atwater Market is hosting a massive "raclette party" at its Christmas Village on November 25. Attendees will stuff their bellies the Swiss way with some cheesy savory goodness.

Details about the 2022 edition of the village, itself, are still forthcoming. But organizers confirmed on social media Friday that the popular raclette party will return for a sixth edition.

The basic vegetarian plate by Fritz Fromagerie will cost $16.29 and include potatoes, pickles, bread and what promises to be a generous portion of local raclette cheese. Meat lovers can also opt for a$20.95 plate with charcuterie on top of all that.

Organizers say the popular foodie event attracted more than 1,500 visitors to the village's smouldering fireplaces in 2021.

Attending the sixth edition of the Montréal Raclette Party is also a great occasion to meet the vendors at the holiday-themed market, where, according to a Facebook event page, you'll be able to indulge in some additional deliciousness including hot wine, pancakes and churros.

Once you're satiated, you can enjoy some on-site entertainment, including concerts and a movie screening.

According to a call for vendors, Atwater Market's Christmas Village will open its doors on November 24. Tickets for the raclette party are now on sale. Get the details below.

Montreal Raclette Party At Atwater Market

Cost: The vegetarian option is $16.29 and the charcuterie plate is $20.95

When: November 25, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m

Where: 138, ave. Atwater

Facebook Event


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