This TikToker Offers Hilariously Terrible Baby Name Suggestions For Clueless Non-Quebecers

#3: "Dépanneur, which means 'delicate.'"
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10 Quebec Baby Name Suggestions For Clueless Non-Quebecers

Dépanneur, Champlure, Espadrille, Foufoune — just some of the hilarious Quebec baby name suggestions TikToker Camille Couture offers unsuspecting non-Quebecers in a video that has been liked over 43,000 times.

Clueless parents who fail to do their own research might be dismayed to discover that these "names" don't translate to "delicate," "cherry blossom," "exceptional" and "feather" — as Couture might have them believe — but are, in fact, québécois terms for a convenience store, faucet, sneaker and butt cheek.

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What was the inspiration for the baby names video?

"What inspired me at first, I'd say, is my love for odd baby names," Couture told MTL Blog.

"Every year I read the compilation of the 'worst names' given by parents and it's always a good laugh."

She said she has also enjoyed "kindly mocking" the particulars of the Quebec accent and vocabulary for a while — pointing to a previous video in which she compared name pronunciations in English and Quebec French.

The idea for the viral video finally came thanks to a TikTok trend in which non-native English speakers share bad translations to fool viewers, Couture said.

What has been the reaction?

Besides the hundreds of commenters praising her for the genius video, Couture said she noticed some comments asking her to "insert some kind of warning to say this is all satire."

"Personally, I think naming a child is something so important you would as a parent do some research about its meaning after seeing 'Vidange'" — "trash can," or, according to the TikTok video, "life of an angel."

"Do your research or else allow me to have a good laugh about your baby’s birth certificate."

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