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2 Montreal Universities Have Been Ranked In The Top 10 In Canada

UofT took the #1 spot though, so we still have work to do...
2 Montreal Universities Have Been Ranked In The Top 10 In Canada

Our city is known for many things. Unique eateries, extravagant nightlife, stunning architecture, beautiful parks... And Montreal universities always manage to catch people's attention from across the globe.

To prove our point, two Montreal universities just ranked in the Top 10 in Canada according to US News Education.

Mcgill was ranked number three and Université de Montréal got the sixth spot, so clearly, our city's schooling is something to be proud of!

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These are the top global universities in Canada.

Us News Education

"Schools were evaluated based on their research performance and their ratings by members of the academic community around the world and within North America."

The University of Toronto ranked number one and other schools followed by the University of British Columbia.

Other universities that made the cut are McMaster University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Ottawa, University of Waterloo, and Western University.

In a city as small as Montreal, it's quite impressive that two of our schools made this list.

The 514 always finds a way to make itself known around the world! 

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