A Year In Review: The 7 Most Popular MTL Blog Articles Of 2020

We rounded up the seven MTL Blog stories that were most popular with our readers in 2020 — and boy do they paint a picture of the year we've had.  

From lottery winners to states of emergency, from singing on balconies to singing for Céline, from a new Costco opening to nine major retailers shutting their doors, it's been a wild ride. Thanks for riding it out with us, and happy New Year!

Editor's Choice: Mayor Plante Shared A Hilarious 2020 Blooper Reel Of Herself & She Even Starts Singing

Céline Dion's Encounter With A Fan Is Going Viral & Her Face Has Become A Meme (Video)

musicbyfreida | Instagram musicbyfreida | Instagram

Who could forget this touching moment between Quebec royalty Céline Dion — icon, diva, goddess, legend — and a fan whose voice made the aforementioned Queen stop her moving car? This viral video is definitely worth a re-watch.

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Montreal Has Declared A State Of Emergency

Valérie Plante | Facebook

At this point in the pandemic, Montreal renews its state of emergency every five days. But back in March, it was a big deal. A really big deal. We were so innocent then.

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A Montreal Woman Has Won A $70,000,000 Lotto Max Jackpot & It Was Her First Ticket Ever

Loto-Québec - Loteries | Facebook

No one knew whether to be inspired by or jealous of this lucky local lottery winner. Either way, we hope this article sends fortunate vibes to anyone who reads it.

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9 Stores Montrealers Had To Say Goodbye To In 2020

Rajan Singh | Dreamstime Jerome Cid | Dreamstime

This one will punch you in the gut. Especially since the economy's in no better shape than it was when this was published. The good news is there's still time to hit the sales at some of these stores before they close locations for good.

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Costco Is Opening A Special Store Near Montreal With Items You Can't Get At Regular Costco

Thomas Trompeter | Dreamstime

Everybody loves Costco. And what's not to love? This article's popularity proved to be warranted when the Costco Business Centre in Saint-Hubert finally opened, selling some of the wildest mega-items we've ever seen in our lives.

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Montrealers Will Be Singing Leonard Cohen Songs From Their Balconies Tonight

legalnomads | Instagram

Whatever happened to people singing on balconies as a sign of solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic? That was kind of nice, wasn't it? Now that we've ordered all the UberEats and watched all the Netflix, perhaps bringing 'singing on balconies' back is a worthy new year's resolution — in which case, we hope one of your holiday gifts was a warm jacket.

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Customers Have Emptied The Shelves At Winners & HomeSense Stores In Quebec (PHOTOS)

abelaslife | Instagram Narcity Québec

It's been a big year for panic buying. First, there was toilet paper. Then Quebecers went HAM at Winners & HomeSense. We get it though. In the midst of this two-week holiday lockdown in which non-essential businesses have closed in Quebec, we're craving the special feeling that can only be achieved by scoring good deals on clothing and homewares.

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