2023's La Pizza Week​ Is On & Here Are The Montreal Pies We Gotta Try

Our "crust-try" list, if you will.

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A veggie-and-cheese-covered pizza from La Pizza Week. Right: A shrimpy pizza creation topped with arugula.

A veggie-and-cheese-covered pizza from La Pizza Week. Right: A shrimpy pizza creation topped with arugula.

Courtesy of La Pizza Week

From Greenspot's The Deli smoked meat pizza to a sushi pie from Poke Bento, La Pizza Week's 2023 Montreal pizza offerings are already proving to be as weird and wonderful as the dishes from sister food festivals La Poutine Week and Le Burger Week.

La Pizza Week runs from May 1 to May 14 in cities across Canada, including Montreal, Gatineau and Quebec City. Montreal's options include an organic meat masterpiece from Italian-certified restaurant Pizza 900 and a creative breakfast pizza from L'Oeuf Cochon.

Other standouts include Hang Time Pizza's garlic-and-mushroom Wayne's Worlds Garth Garlic Bacon Pizza, which is sure to appeal to Millennials across the island.

Local favourite G Pizza is also bringing the shrooms with a pie titled Mushaboom garnished with seasonal fungi, and Le Pontiac is raising eyebrows with a scallop-and-shrimp pan pizza with a thick crust.

After you give one (or two or eight) of these specialty pies a try, you can vote for your favourite(s) at lapizzaweek.com, the official website for the festival, which is in its third edition.

Co-founded by entrepreneurs Na’eem Adam and Thierry Rassam, La Pizza Week is officially partnered with Doordash, so you can order in these decadent creations and enjoy them from the sanctity of your own home.

Here's what Rassam had to say ahead of the festival's launch: “Our goal, with every festival we organize, is to extend our unwavering support to the local restaurant communities across Canada," Rassam said.

"Pizza, much like burgers and poutine, is an adored dish that brings together hundreds of thousands of people. With the upcoming La Pizza Week, we anticipate that local restaurants will enjoy a boost in sales, thereby creating a positive impact on the entire industry and promoting its growth and sustainability."

Lofty goals, to be sure, but goals that seem to be bringing out some of the most creative, strangest culinary combinations ever witnessed in the field of pizza. Enjoy this year's festivities, and don't forget to watch this space for the festival's lucky winners later this month.

Willa Holt
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