You Can Soon Do Outdoor Activities With 3 Other Households In Quebec Red Zones

If you're getting bored of building snowmen or going cross-country skiing with the same people over and over again then you're in luck — members of four different red-zone households in Quebec can soon do outdoor activities together, provided they stay two metres apart.  

These changes come into effect on February 8 and are set to last until at least February 21, inclusively, according to a new announcement by Premier François Legault.

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It will now be allowed [starting February 8] to do external outside activities for four people from four different residences. 

Premier François Legault

In Quebec regions deemed orange zones, the number of households that can get together outdoors is doubled, meaning members of eight households can, for instance, go skating.  

The regions that will be switching to orange zones on February 8 are Gaspésie et Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Nord-du-Québec and Côte-Nord.

That means Montrealers need to keep their outdoor escapades to groups of four. And curfew still applies so your crew needs to be home before 8 p.m. if you live in a red zone. 

"People who [want] to go and have a walk on Mont-Royal ... say, 'Well, we'd like to be able to have a walk a few people who don't necessarily live together,'" said Premier Legault. 

"Same thing for those who go cross country skiing or snowshoeing [...] So that will allow us to start having a bit more activity."

Legault added that COVID-19 poses less of a risk outdoors. 

The premier has made it clear that no further easing of measures or changes to the regional alert levels will be made before February 22.