47 Quebec Schools Have Reported At Least One COVID-19 Case

The government has released its first list of Quebec schools with at least one reported COVID-19 case. Out of over 3,100 establishments in the province, 47 are on the list.

"We understand parents' concerns and want to be there to reassure them," said Health Minister Chrisitan Dubé in a statement.

47 Quebec Schools Reported At Least One COVID-19 Case

"We hope that this will allow the population, and more particularly parents, to obtain a current portrait of the situation. I would like to reiterate that although cases are confirmed, as we expected, the situation is still under control."

Education Minister Jean-François Roberge added that "transparency and the free flow of information is essential." 

The complete list of schools that reported at least one case of COVID-19 between August 26 and September 3 is available online.