5 Movies On Netflix With Scenes Filmed In Montreal To Binge-Watch Now That It's Cold

Netflix season came and slapped us in the face. It seems it's now time to spend your days snuggled up on the couch binge-watching movie after movie. With so many choices on Netflix, we thought we'd help you narrow down your options by seeking out movies filmed in Montreal available to watch.

Now that it's getting cold, there's no shame in spending your days in front of the TV.

This list has a sweet variety of well-known actors to epic movies that are sure to keep you entertained while hanging out at home.

And, you may just spot some of your favourite locations in the 514 while watching!

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Catch Me If You Can

Why You Need To Watch: Because... Leonard DiCaprio.

Battlefield Earth

Why You Need To Watch: When you feel like a good sci-fi adventure, this movie has got you covered.

The Terminal 

Why You Need To Watch: The phenomenal acting in the movie combined with the fact that it's filmed at the Mirabel airport really makes it pull on your heartstrings.

Bon Cop Bad Cop

Why You Need To Watch: The "franglais" humour in this script leave have every good Quebecer in stitches.

Get Smart

Why You Need To Watch: Get Smart has an iconic cast and half the movie was filmed in our beloved city, so all the reason to watch!