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5 Jobs To Apply To In Montreal If You're Hoping To Make Bank This Summer

Summer: the season of sunshine and making money. 🤑
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5 Jobs To Apply To In Montreal If You're Hoping To Make Bank This Summer

There's something about the sun staying up longer that makes us feel like there are suddenly more hours in a day, which for some people means more time to make more money. So, we found six exciting summer jobs in Montreal for you to check out if you're one of these people.

Whether you're a student, currently on the job hunt or just looking for a little change this summer, these employments will ensure a solid season ahead.

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Salary: $21.08/hour

Company: SAQ

Why you should apply: If learning all about different alcohols and wines isn't enough to convince you, the competitive pay might. This is an on-call seasonal job to work up to 37 hours per week.

Apply here

Customer service, restaurant employee or boutique attendant

Company: La Ronde

Why you should apply: Every Montrealer's favourite amusement park is currently in the middle of its recruitment period in preparation for its grand opening on May 22.

More than 700 positions need to be filled for the 2021 season in the reception, rides and restaurants. And no experience is required!

Apply here

Production Clerk

Salary: $22.44/hour

Company: PepsiCo

Why you should apply: The company, a top 100 employer in the country, is looking for production clerks available from May through September.

Applicants need to have a high school diploma, plus good initiative and communication skills.

Apply here

Tourism Jobs

Salary: Depends on the position

Company: Tourisme Québec

Why you should apply: There are over 40,000 jobs in tourism in Quebec available for summer 2021 and at least 400 of them are in Montreal. And the job options seem endless, from lifeguard to chef to fishing guide.

Apply here


Croisières AML | Facebook

Salary: Minimum wage plus tips

Company: Croisières AML in Montreal

Why you should apply: If you're a fan of boats and you're looking for a job in the restaurant business, you should consider applying to Croisières AML, a cruise agency.

You must be available on weekends to serve on dinner cruises or for brunch outings.

Apply here

All job postings listed in this article were available at the time of publication but are subject to change.

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