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65 People In Quebec Will Be Among The First To Get A Trial COVID-19 Vaccine

The CHU is hosting trials.
65 People In Quebec Will Be Among The First To Get A Trial COVID-19 Vaccine

Some of the first recipients of a COVID-19 vaccine will be in Quebec. 

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Québec (CHU) spokesperson Kim Tardif has confirmed to MTL Blog that 65 Quebecers will be among the first people in North America to receive a trial COVID-19 vaccine. 

This was first reported by Radio-Canada.

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65  Quebecers will get the trial COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccine, developed by Medicago, is currently in the second phase of trials, Tardif explained.

15 sites, 10 in Canada and five in the United States are taking part.

At the CHU, a ratio of 5 to 1 will get the vaccine versus placebo. Tardif said if all goes smoothly, vaccine trials will move to phase three. 

The 65 Quebecers will be selected according to strict criteria, selected from a bank of individuals that have already participated in previous studies.

Participant screening begins next week. The vaccinations will take place in the week of December 13, according to Tardif.

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