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7 Montreal Jewelry Stores To Check Out When You're Looking To Get Your Boo A Gift

All companies with gift ideas under $100.
7 Montreal Jewelry Stores To Check Out When You're Looking To Get Your Boo A Gift

The perfect accessory can turn any drab outfit into a fabulous one. Jewelry is the best age-old gift to get anyone you care about, ao we sought out some Montreal jewelry stores that have great gift ideas for under $100.

Sometimes, the prettiest gifts don't need to be expensive ones!

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Your boo might be more boho-chic when it comes to their style or they may prefer a more timeless accessory like pearls. Whichever you think they'd prefer, these companies have a myriad of options to match anyone's taste.

Plus, you'll be supporting local Montreal brands with your gift purchase — a win-win.

Nishi Pearls

Why You Should Check It Out: Pearls never go out of style and Nishi Pearls found a way to reinvent them. This local company will provide you with high-quality wearable art at affordable prices.

Kēmmi Collection

Why You Should Check It Out: This local jewelry company sells handmade bohemian luxury jewelry for everyone. Kēmmi also sells lingerie and accessories if you want to add some extra goodies to your gift.

Toni Rose

Why You Should Check It Out: Toni Rose not only sells adorable pieces of jewelry, but the company also stocks handmade scrunchies, cute matches, and candles.

This small brand has a big selection of thoughtful finds that will put a smile on anyone's face.

loé jewels

What They Do: This family-owned business is run by two sisters who have a passion for selling beautiful pieces at affordable prices.


Why You Should Check It Out: From evil eye bracelets to diamond earrings, this company has everything you could ever want when it comes to jewelry.

With GioJewels' variety of price points, you can always find something special at any budget.


Why You Should Check It Out: EVRY JEWELS sells fun and fashion-forward accessories that'll add a certain extra shine to any outfit and which make a gift anyone would love to receive. The best part? The company is based out of Montreal.


Why You Should Check It Out: This company has beautiful creations at a range of prices, including personalized items. On the website, there's even a section for pieces under $100, and who doesn't love a good deal?

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