A Montreal Astrologer Analyzed 7 Celebrities & Discovered The Secret To Their Success

We dissected their personalities to explain why they do what they do.
A Montreal Astrologer Analyzed 7 Celebrities & Discovered The Secret To Their Success

Quebec is the proud home to many notable celebrities and politicians who inject un peu de la belle province into mainstream culture.

Famous people from Quebec have paved their own on the world stage, and some continue to rep the 514, making Montrealers proud as they put our city on the map. 

But, despite sharing a home province, it begs the question: Why and how have our favourite famous Quebecers made their individual marks on the world?

We asked our resident astrologer, Montrealer Eliza Robertson of Kosmic Tonic, for insight on why our favourite notable Quebecers are the way they are!

Céline Dion

Why She Is The Way She Is: Born on March 30, 1968, and raised in Charlemagne, Quebec, Céline Marie Claudette Dion is nothing short of provincial royalty.

Robertson says Dion's sun and moon are both in Aries, creating intense self-focus to succeed from a young age — Dion started recording music at only 12 years old.

Her Aries placements indicate boldness, as well as a risk-taking quality especially evident in her work ethic.

Even Celine's legendary voice was written in the stars. Robertson says that her Mercury and Venus, the planet of beauty, are conjunct in Pisces, creating a literally beautiful quality to her sound.

Justin Trudeau

Why He Is The Way He Is: Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971. His sun is in Capricorn, a hard-working, determined sign ready to climb the top of any mountain to fulfill their vision.

Robertson says Trudeau's Virgo rising could have created a 'Jekyll and Hyde' quality in him — while he can do what benefits his political interests, there also exists a lighthearted and warm side to him.

Trudeau's moon is in Aries, a fast-paced fire sign, which is most evident in his hobbies, like the thrill-seeking nature that pushed him to become a snowboarding instructor.

Leonard Cohen

Why He Is The Way He Is: Leonard Norman Cohen, born on September 21, 1934, in Westmount, established himself as Quebec's most famous poet throughout his lengthy career.

Robertson says Cohen's sun and rising in Virgo fully embody the humble and subdued nature he's best known for.

Since his birth chart is Mercury-ruled, the planet of communication, it's no surprise that his way with words is what brought him to the forefront of Quebec's cultural scene.

Cohen's natal Mercury in Libra, a sign focused on beauty and balance, was likely was a major influence on the charming quality that drew the world to his art.

Cohen's moon is in Pisces, a compassionate water sign, according to Robertson. The intuitive, soulful and melancholic qualities found in Pisces are most represented through the content of Cohen's art, which often explored themes of death, depression, love and loss.

Valérie Plante

Why She Is The Way She Is: Valérie Plante, born on June 14, 1974, in Rouyn-Noranda, was the first woman to be elected mayor of Montreal.

This is mostly due to her trailblazing Aries moon, which is known to be a bold and direct sign. Aries natives are self-directed and self-starting — this shines through in the way Plante emerged on Quebec's political scene, Robertson says.

With her sun in Gemini, Plante is prone to being a quick learner, with a strong ability to multitask and a kind of fluidity to her character.

But what is most represented in Plante's birth chart is Venus in Taurus. Since Venus is the planet of beauty, and Taurus is the earth sign that is most connected to nature, Plante's love of the environment is especially evident in her character.

Jay Baruchel

Why He Is The Way He Is: Jonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel, born on April 9, 1982, basically defines quintessential Notre-Dâme-de-Grace (NDG) vibes.

You may remember Baruchel from comedies with his fellow Aries sun, Seth Rogen. With his sun conjunct his Mercury in Aries, his birth chart shows a strong ability to write and would indicate a quick wit or a way with words, Robertson says.

His moon in Scorpio might make him more comfortable with taboo topics — Scorpio has a dark sense of humour — and that shines through in his comedic films.

François Legault

Why He Is The Way He Is: Quebec's current premier, Joseph Léo François Legault, was born on May 26, 1957, in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Legault's sun and Venus in Gemini lend him to being quick-thinking and quick-witted. According to Robertson, he has the ability to act like two people at once — there's a sort of duality to his character.

In his political views, Legault is known for refusing to identify himself as left or right-wing. Although he defines himself as a nationalist, he ditched talk of a referendum when he assumed office to appeal to non-sovereigntists in Quebec.

This mercurial, shapeshifting quality in Legault is peak Gemini, Robertson says.

His Venus in Taurus indicates a fixity of focus, since it's ruled by the planet of communication in his chart, and shows that he can put his mind to something and achieve it — as evidenced by his success through Air Transat.

His Taurus placement also makes him laser-focused on money and growing wealth, whether for himself or Quebecers.


Why He Is The Way He Is: Louis Kevin Celestin, also known as Kaytranada — Montreal's king of instrumentals — was born in Haiti on August 25, 1992, before moving to the south shore.

Kaytra's Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo indicates serious attention to detail and precision.

This massive Virgo energy makes him quite a shy person, with a passion for mastering his craft and pursuing self-mastery.

His Mercury is in Leo, as would be his Moon, depending on his time of birth. Since Mercury is the planet that rules his sun sign, it provides a performance aspect in the way he communicates through music.

So despite his reserved and methodical nature, he's still able to be a creative force that expresses himself to the world through art, says Robertson.

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