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7 Things To Do In Montreal On December 25 If You Can’t Be With Your Family

Make the most of your home away from home.
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7 Things To Do In Montreal On December 25 If You Can’t Be With Your Family

It's Christmas time and everyone's making their plans for what is sure to be one of the most peculiar holiday seasons we've had in a while. For many people in the city, that means not going home for the holidays. Not to worry, though. There are lots of things to do in Montreal on December 25 if you can't be with your family.

And they won't just get you into the festive spirit, but will also remind you that you're never alone in Montreal, your home away from home.

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Order One Of Montreal's Classic Dishes

If you're in Canada's foodie city with nothing to do, there's nothing better than ordering one of MTL's iconic plates, like a sandwich from Schwartz'. Available on all delivery apps.

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Explore The Magic Of Jardins d'Hiver

Where: Quartier des Spectacles

No one does winter — or festivals — like Montreal. Enjoy the best of both this Christmas.

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Have Dinner For Two In A Hotel Room

If you really want to treat yourself, head over to Old Montreal and indulge in dinner from one of your favourite restaurants. Available at select hotels.

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Check Out Christmas Decorations Around The City

Montreal is such a charming city, especially during the holidays. Walk around the city and discover the magic of the most wonderful time of the year.

Take A Walk Up Mount Royal

You've got the day, may as well head up the mountain and see the city from the top. Consider it Santa's view.


Meet Up With A Friend That Can't Go Home

Just because you're alone for the holidays, doesn't mean you have to be alone. Because Montreal is filled with so many people from all over, there are bound to be others in the city stuck in the city, too. Meet up (outside, of course) and be alone together.

Have A Zoom Call With Your Family

Plain and simple: Call home! It may be as close as you can get to seeing your family's faces this year — gotta make the most of it.

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