During his opening statement at a press conference on Thursday, Premier François Legault proved that even the most fluent French speakers can get confused about their native tongue's grammar rules. 

In the middle of discussing decreasing COVID-19 case counts and reopenings this past spring, Legault stumbled on the word "reopen" or "rouvrir" in French. 

"[...] et on été capable de...réouvrir, rouvrir...uh, réouvrir ou rouvrir?" asked a smiling Legault. 

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It's réouvert but rouvrir...huh, ok we can't mix that up!

Premier François Legault

Visibly laughing at himself and his confusion, Legault employed the help of the room's journalists, each of them chiming in to correct the premier. 

He then tried to comprehend the sense of having such an unusual set of verbs, which made everyone laugh even more.

"It's réouvert but rouvrir...huh, ok we can't mix that up," he said, "Réouvert..rou...yeah, that's it!" 

During an otherwise serious press conference, Legault's language confusion provided a much-welcomed moment of levity. 

So don't worry Anglophones, even the premier of Quebec gets confused with French grammar rules! 

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