8 Spots In Montreal That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Cookie Craving

Cookie Monster probably wishes he lived in Montreal right now.
8 Spots In Montreal That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Cookie Craving

Cookies are one of the many desserts that so many of us will never get fed up of noshing on. Montreal is full of sweet cookie spots that are designed to satisfy the sweet tooths of locals throughout the city.

These chewy, classic desserts are a fan favourite and there are so many reasons why so many of us love this incredible sweet treat.

There's something comforting about eating some decadent cookies and washing it down with a cold glass of milk that just brings you right back to your childhood.

Although I'm personally a fan of the OG chocolate chip cookie, some of these companies have created unique ways of bringing the cookie back to being Montreal's most loved dessert.

Summer is a time for splurging on whatever makes you happy. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to splurge on calorie-filled cookies? Especially when they're as good as the ones that the following companies make.

From the adult version of Dunkaroos to colourful cookies, there are so many options to try throughout the city.

Check out the list of some of our favourite spots below.


Sundaiz makes, what I like to call, the adult version of Dunkaroos, and they're beyond delicious.

You can't go wrong when you combine decadent cookies with a sweet dip.


Blonde Biscuiterie

Blonde Biscuiterie is the real deal.

With so many flavours to pick from, this company knows what they're doing when it comes to cookies.


Felix and Norton

Felix and Norton's cookies are classic and they taste just as good as they always have.

The freshness, flavours, and texture make this restaurant one of my go-to cookie spots in the city.


Dose Of Cookies

If you're looking for a dose of sugar, then you may want to check out Dose of Cookies.

This company provides you with all the sweetness your stomach has been craving.


Atelier BiscOui Inc.

These gooey cookies will instantly make your mouth water.

Just look at that photo...


From Scratch MTL

These homemade bites of sweetness will instantly put you in the best kind of sugar coma.


Cookie Twins

Decadence comes in many shapes and forms, including cookies made by The Cookie Twins. With many options to pick from, you're guaranteed to find a few flavours you'll love.


Cafe Livia

Did you know that you can order Livia cookies ready to bake right to your front door? This allows you to taste them as soon as they come out of the oven.


I hope these spots satisfy your cookie craving.

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