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8 Actually Fun Socially-Distant Things You Have To Do In Montreal Before Summer Is Over

There’s no excuse for boredom with this bucket list.
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8 Socially-Distant Things To Do In Montreal Before Summer Is Over

COVID-19 is no walk in the park — though a walk in the park may feel like the only thing there is to do right now. Luckily, that couldn't be further from the truth. Montreal has risen to the challenge of creating fun, innovative things to do that fully embrace social distancing.

Yes, this pandemic is depressing. But it's also paved the way for exciting ideas and events that wouldn't otherwise exist.

It's caused Montrealers to stretch their imaginations. To get creative. To do things they've never done before. All in the name of having fun and staying healthy!

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Of course, you could stick to tried and true classics like sunsets, star-gazing and picnics but you can also try making the most of a strange and unique time in history. 

Who knows what the world will look like when this is over? Or when that's going to be? If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that life is precious. If you're fortunate enough to be healthy, you'd better enjoy it (and do so safely). 

Have you caught yourself saying: "When this blows over, I'm gonna..."? That phrase doesn't need to be part of your vocabulary.

Cross these eight items off our COVID-friendly bucket list as soon as you can and let the good times roll. 

Do "Drag-Thru" Brunch

You've heard of drive-in movies and drive-thru restaurants, but how about a drive-thru drag show? If you want your tacos served with a — distant — side fabulous, this is the event for you.

The upcoming edition is sold out, but Drag Brunch Montreal confirmed it "will absolutely be doing more in the future although dates are still TBD." So keep your (glitter-adorned) eyes peeled.


Let Murals Be Your Guide

Courtesy of

This year's Mural Festival is re-imagining itself as a large-scale art installation on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. The creation by Francorama will use shapes, lines and contrasting colours to help people stay phsyically distant.

Does art really imitate life? See for yourself.


Follow The Travelling Cabaret  

Jean-François Savaria

Throughout summer, this glass-fronted truck called "le cabaret ambulant" is roaming the streets of Montreal loaded with artists to entertain you.

Next up is a performance by Funkish Chavez in the Latin Quarter on August 14.


Dine Or Drink On Expanded Terrasses 

The city has closed a number of streets to traffic and decreased the cost of terrasse permits. The result? Patios on patios on patios — especially on strips of ave. Bernard in Outremont, ave. du Mont-Royal in the Plateau, Promenade Wellington in Verdun, as well as parts of Old Montreal and downtown.

It's unclear whether this will continue post-COVID — and we certainly know it won't continue post-summer so take advantage while you can.


Immerse Yourself In Art

Interact with Cercanía's "ambitious, immersive audiovisual installations" at Arsenal Contemporary Art gallery, July 31 - September 27, 2020.

This latest project by Montreal-based artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is centred around themes of proximity and shared space.

In a statement, he said it was "designed specifically to respect social distancing and the best health and safety practices against the pandemic."


Chill In Revamped Public Spaces

As part of the plan to relaunch summer in the city, Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacles, the Chambre de Commerce du Montréal Métropolitain and other partners have banded together to "enhance and enliven downtown Montreal" by introducing stunning public spaces and squares.

La terrasse Shā Tān is just one of them. The garden at Centre St. Jax is another.


Check Out A Street Performance

Street performances have become a pandemic staple for entertainment. There are plenty to choose from, but POP Montreal's upcoming take on Macbeth, on August 29, is not to be missed.

Acclaimed Montreal author Heather O’Neill is directing and, according to the Facebook event, the play will move through the streets of the Mile End and Plateau, engaging and reacting to audiences as they come out to hoot and holler and provoke and laugh."


Explore La Belle Province For Super Cheap

While international travel is limited, Quebec's Ministry of tourism is offering you deals to help you see the beauty of Quebec at a discounted rate. If you were looking for the right time to explore your home province, it's definitely now.


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