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9 Gifts To Help The People In Your Life Get Their Best Sleep

Because a good night's sleep is essential.
9 Gifts To Help The People In Your Life Get Their Best Sleep

Life can get incredibly busy, particularly around the holidays.

That's why there's basically no better gift than the gift of sleep and relaxation — especially for those who love catching some Zs any chance they get.

No matter what's going on in the world, a good night's sleep should be a top priority, and a factor when considering maintaining your health. Just like exercising and getting proper nutrients, it’s all part of the picture!

As you prepare your holiday shopping list this year, do things a little differently and consider some practical gifts — items that your loved ones might not be expecting but that could benefit them in a huge way.

Getting the right amount of sleep is key to feeling your best, which is why the gift to give this year is definitely one related to health and wellness, and Dormez-vous knows where it's at when it comes to gift-giving.

This one-stop-shop has a wide variety of essential and affordable sleep products that can help provide a comfy and cozy sleep.

Dormez-vous has something for everyone on your list, offering everything from weighted blankets and pillows to sheets and duvets. 

There's something for every budget, style, and preference; plus, they’re having a holiday sale until December 22. So you can go ahead and spoil your loved ones (or yourself!) this holiday season.

Check out these nine ideas to give your friends or family members the gift of sleep.

1. Give A Hug With BlanQuil Weighted Blankets

Why You Need To Get It: Perfect for your relative who has trouble getting to sleep, BlanQuil Weighted Blankets provide a soothing sensation that helps calm the body after a long day.

While improving sleep quality, it simultaneously minimizes tossing and turning plus decreases anxiety.

The blanket's weight imitates the effects of cuddling by stimulating deep-pressure touch therapy.

It's pretty much like getting a warm hug on a cold winter night.

2. Gift Them Luxury With PÜR Silk Sets

Why You Need To Get It: Silk is super beneficial for your skin and hair, which is why PÜR Silk Sets are great for the sleeping beauty in your life.

Silk reduces your chance of getting wrinkles by maintaining your skin's moisture.

It also helps prevent split-ends since it doesn't tug on your hair.

From silk pillowcases to eye masks and scrunchies, there are a few fun options to choose from.

3. Keep It Simple With Malouf Pillows


Why You Need To Get It: Simplicity is key, and the Malouf Zoned ActiveDough Pillow is here to prove that.

This pillow is no one-trick pony — it feels like memory foam while also supporting your head and neck at the same time.

These Malouf Pillows are the ideal present for the person in your life who might have asthma or allergies: this latex-free pillow is hypoallergenic, infused with activated bamboo charcoal and gets rid of moisture and odours.

4. Cool Down With The Simba Duvet And Pillows

Why You Need To Get It: The Simba Duvet and Pillow are made with Stratos™, which is essentially a material that reacts to your body temperature.

It absorbs heat when you feel too hot and releases it back as you cool down.

How awesome is that?

Consider picking this up for your family member that always complains about feeling too hot.

5. Bring The Boutique Home With The Hotel Collection Sheets

Why You Need To Get It: Gift these sheets to the luxurious friend in your life.

They'll appreciate the feeling of fresh hotel sheets in their own bed.

The incredibly soft Hotel Collection Sheets are also no-fuss, meaning a perfectly made bed without the turndown service.

6. You Can't Go Wrong With The Essential Sheet Set

Why You Need To Get It: If you want to play it safe (but still be a huge hit around the Christmas tree), the classic Essential Sheet Set is a great choice.

Available in a few neutral colours, this sheet set is made with delicate, 100% brushed microfiber.

It'll feel like you're swimming in softness!

Plus, the extra-deep fitted sheet is bound to change your bed-making game for good.

7. Stay Grounded With The PÜR Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Why You Need To Get It: The Organic Cotton Sheets feature a 300 thread count of Premium Long-Staple Organic Cotton.

This luxurious set is made from G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton, meaning it's produced with non-toxic materials and contains no harmful chemicals.

Offer this to your health-conscious family member, so they'll be able to enjoy a restful night of deep, worry-free sleep.

8. Step Things Up With Aquagel Pillows


Why You Need To Get It: Aquagel™ Pillows are elevated pillows, created with Italian water-based foam gel and ventilated perforations.

In simpler terms, this pillow is 300 times more breathable than regular memory foam pillows.

They also contain mallow extracts, known for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties. There's a version for those who sleep on their back or stomach, and those who prefer their side.

9. Get Cozy With The Malouf Spooner Body Pillow

Why You Need To Get It: The Malouf Spooner Body Pillow was created with pregnant women in mind, built to help relieve maternity discomfort.

It provides incredible back and belly support and can help melt away aches and pains.

If you have any mothers-to-be on your list, they'll be excited to get this. It's also ideal for side sleepers that suffer from hip or lower back pain.

Not only are sleep essentials practical, but they're thoughtful presents too! Sleep plays a key role in your health and wellness routine, so helping your loved ones get a comfy good night’s sleep proves just how much you care.

The Dormez-vous holiday sale is going on right now, and don’t forget to enter their holiday contest on Instagram.

Make 2021 all about being your best, most well-rested self!

Visit the Dormez-vous website to shop all things sleep during their Pre-Boxing Week Event. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.