9 Underrated Spots In & Near Montreal To Catch Unreal Sunset Views

9 Spots To Catch Sunset Views In & Near Montreal

Sunset-chasing is for those warm evenings when you just feel like doing something spontaneous and romantic. We all know the typical spots to catch sunset views in Montreal, like the Mount Royal lookout and Old Port, but if you're down for an adventure, there are some other pretty spectacular — and sometimes, well-hidden — spots in and around the city to witness those precious last few moments of daylight.

All of the sunset-watching sites offer a little something extra. From dazzling views across the water to spooky ruins, to close encounters with landing aircraft, these places set the stage for remarkable experiences. 

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While some of these spots do require a car, others are accessible via public transit from downtown Montreal, so there are possibilities for everyone.

Sunset dates are both cheap and unforgettable. All you need is a blanket, food, wine (where permitted), and some good company to create lasting memories.

So get your sunset playlist ready, grab some friends or your significant other, and head to one of these places for your next spontaneous outing

In all cases, be sure to check local rules before heading out!

Jack Layton Park

Jack Layton Park occupies a tiny peninsula that peeks into the Ottawa River in the town of Hudson. The view west is a wide expanse upriver — perfect for dazzling, colourful sunsets.


Berge aux Quatre-Vents

The Berge aux Quatre-Vents looks west from Laval across the Rivière des Mille Îles to Deux-Montagne. Set up a sunset picnic at this hidden gem to impress your date.


Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps

Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps is a rarity. Dedicated to airplane spotting and just metres from the runway at Montreal-Trudeau Airport, the park provides phenomenal views of landing flights.

With no trees to obscure the sky and the wide expanse of runways before you, the sunsets are particularly phenomenal as they shimmer off of airplane wings.

Find it here

Parc René-Lévesque & Parc St-Louis In Lachine

These parks are just across from each other, so we'll include them as a single entry.

Parc René-Lévesque is a long peninsula at the western end of the Lachine Canal with sprawling lawns dotted by monumental works of art. The park has views in every direction but get to the benches at its very tip for the best views across Lac St-Louis, a particularly wide section of the Saint Lawrence.

North of Parc René-Lévesque is Parc St-Louis, with its view of the Lachine lighthouse and a Dairy Queen just across the street, so you can grab a Blizzard with your significant other before watching the sun drop into the river.

Website for Parc René-Lévesque
Website for Parc St-Louis

Parc de la Baie-de-Magog

The destination in Estrie has a lot to offer, including epic sunset views.

The public Parc de la Baie-de-Magog just south main commercial area provides western views across Lake Mephremagog toward rolling hills that cradle the sun as it descends.


Gault Nature Reserve, Mont St-Hilaire

The reserve owned by McGill University includes a number of trails that approach the peak of Mont-St-Hilaire. From there, hikers get views to the north and west.

The park closes at 7:30 p.m. — just in time to catch some twilight colours over the fields of the Saint Lawrence valley.


Saint Raphael's Ruins

The national historic site in Glengarry, Ontario feels mystical as the sun sets and the stone walls cast long shadows on the surrounding field.

The ruins close at 4:30 p.m., so prospective visitors might have to wait until fall for prime sunset views.


Plage Saint-Zotique

There's nothing like a sunset at the beach. The popular spot on the Saint Lawrence near the border with Ontario is a great place to catch a brilliant sunset after a long day of swimming and boating.


Centre de la nature, Laval

The popular gardens in Laval are open until 10:00 p.m., so you can find a little grotto to sit and just enjoy the final hours of sunlight.


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment and obey any local laws.