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A Downtown Montreal Metro Entrance Has Closed Until 2023 & It Might Mess With Your Plans

It's scheduled to reopen in the spring. 🚇

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
People wait on a metro platform as a train arrives. Right: A Montreal metro station sign.

People wait on a metro platform as a train arrives. Right: A Montreal metro station sign.

You may have noticed a lot of colourful STM signage up around the intersection of rue Berri and rue Sainte-Catherine, and ignored it. But if you're one of the many Montrealers who's used to entering the Berri-UQAM metro station via rue Sainte-Catherine, you're going to have to replan your route. As of the beginning of November, the main entrance at the corner of Place Émilie-Gamelin will be closed until next spring.

The STM announced the closure on Nov. 1, sharing that the station entrance is undergoing renovations that will prevent metro users from taking the long, winding underground tunnel to access the transit network.

The rest of the station will remain open, despite the ongoing construction work, and the other entrances will remain accessible.

That means you can still get to the main downtown metro hub via the Maisonneuve entrances in and around UQAM, as well as behind Place Dupuis and via the building's food court.

It also means that Metro Pizza joint with delicious-smelling pies that permeate the whole station will still be serving up slices and make you hungry while waiting for a train.

When renovations are completed on Berri-UQAM, the station will have new elevators and an updated waterproofing system to protect from inclement weather. The building encasing the rue Sainte-Catherine entrance will also see an infrastructure upgrade.

So, mark your calendar for spring and don't needlessly rush outside in the cold to catch the metro — take an alternative entrance instead.

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    Sofia Misenheimer
    MTL Blog, Associate Editor
    Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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